Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's Not Easy Being A Girl

You all know Boo's preference for her pink shoes. A few weeks ago, we were getting ready to take a quick trip to the store, but had to get the kids' shoes & socks on. JB instructed Boo to go upstairs and get some socks and shoes on, which usually consists of her returning seconds later, whining that it's "too hard to do". This time we were pleasantly surprised with her follow-through. She came downstairs dressed like this.

The legwarmer look was too-cool, and I love that she tucked the pants into the socks. We were venturing out into the snow, after all! How the whole thing managed to match, still has me puzzled. She looked so funny walking around in it. The picture just doesn't do justice to how funny the overall look was.

I mentioned in the Christmas post that Boo puts her princess dolls in a circle "so that they can visit". She will sometimes line them up facing the TV while we watch Sesame Street, or load them all up into a toy car. Sometimes Jasmine and Mulan get left behind if there's not enough room. After all, they don't have a ball to get to, do they? Take a look at this scene and tell me what you think.

  1. The prince is one lucky guy, I say. So many princesses to choose from! It reminds me of The Bachelor. I guess the fairy godmother is the host of the show, trying to maintain order and decorum.
  2. I feel sorry for the princesses. They've got some pretty tough competition - Snow White (the fairest one of all), Ariel ("Dee most beautiful voice"), Belle (whose name translates to "Beauty"), Cinderella (even-tempered despite her abundant trials), Jasmine (a Sultan's daughter), Aurora (gifted with beauty and song by good fairies), Mulan (the heroine of China)!
  3. This scene reminds me of how JB appeared to me when I first met him. I thought him totally oblivious to my existence because there were scores of attractive, accomplished and "fancy" girls in our singles' ward, who all seemed interested in him. I remember saying to Train, "he'll never notice me".
  4. It seems that Snow White has found something more interesting to focus upon.
  5. Belle also looks a little miffed.


On_The_Go Family said...

Oh my gosh! Goose does the same thing with "her girls." I wish we could get these two together for a playdate. I think they'd have a blast!

p.s. We lost Pocohontas long, long ago. Every time a toy goes missing, Goose says, "Do you think the (ball) is with Pocohontas?"

Lin said...

the funny thing is that is Prince Charming aka Snow White's true love. of course she would be the one in a huff - her man is flirting with all those other ladies!

i think you need more princes...i always used GI Joes. haha.

Dianna said...

I love it!

Amy said...

Onthego, that's funny that she thinks that all lost items are together. Wouldn't that be nice? It would make finding them all the more exciting!

Lin - We DO need more princes. How is he going to dance with all of them? GI Joes is a great idea. I should look around for some of those to even things out.

laurenthequeen said...

I love the leg warmers! That's awesome.

Little Man got Lightening McQueen slippers for Christmas. He calls them his "vroom vroom shoes". When I ask him to get shoes, thats what he brings and wears them to the store more often than not.

JBpaulsen said...

I rarely comment on my spouses blog, but I must say I married one of the most beautiful, accomplished, and kind princesses around. I'm a bit like Aladin, the pauper who despite all odds married a queen. I love you honey.

Tim said...

Hilarious, Ames. Thanks for the post. The prince, despite so many lovely women around him, appears to noticed another Disney beauty (are there any left?) afar off and has burst into song.

Amy said...

Tim - I'm not sure who he's looking at either. But, I'm SURE he's singing this tune:

"But surely you see My Lady
Out in the garden there
Rivaling the glittering sunshine
With a glory of golden hair."

HAHA! Remember that?

love.boxes said...

She is so cute! I love the outfit. Beautiful and practical and in my favorite colors too!