Monday, January 7, 2008

FHE: Goal Setting

I admit that I have boycotted goal-setting for several years. It was just too overwhelming and discouraging to sit down and make goals that I knew I couldn't complete. This year, I'm taking a more simple (and realistic) approach to my traditional list of resolutions. Design Mom shared this great idea on her blog in helping her kids set goals, and I'm going to do the same thing for myself! I made a list and filled out something for each area:

This year, I want to learn: __________
I want to read: __________
I want to make: __________
I want to visit: __________
I want to change: __________
(The change prompt is supposed to help you think of something like a bad habit you'd like to get rid of.)

I want to be better at: __________
Most of all I want: __________

Tonight we're going to attempt to help the kids set some goals (or at least learn what one is), and then set some family goals for the new year for FHE. This link has great activities, stories, etc. to teach goal-setting to each age group of kids.


Dianna said...

It is so great to see you working with your little ones so early at something that still gives me trouble. I still struggle with the goal setting activity. Well, I should say I struggle with the reaching my goals part, not the setting the goals part.

love.boxes said...

What a great idea. :)

Amy said...

Well, I'm not sure either of the kids "got" it. I was going to sit down with Boo and set a few simple goals, but then she overheard Dad announce that he was going to assemble the carseat (it needed a good washing), and she was a done. I'm still working on the reaching part, too :)

Sarah said...

Noble effort! At least it gave you a less overwhelming way to think of the coming year. You have definately got down the FHE goal you started working on just months don't think your execution of all good plans isn't working.

I too, considered boycotting the goals this year...rather than huge goals I kind-of set them up as 'projects'/'good ways to spend my time'. I'll try to type some up quick onto my blog because I actually need imput on one of them...