Monday, September 26, 2011

Famous Phrases

Diddles, our little late-talker uttered her first official "phrase" on Saturday! Josh put her in the tub first-thing in the morning (before her "movement"), and she ended up going in the tub. We've had this problem before. But, Diddles is so resourceful, she usually just picks it up and removes it herself! Ewe, I know! This time Josh noticed and then said, "Oh, don't touch it, Diddles. I'll get it." Then she said, and I quote:

"Dada get poop."
It was so exciting! :)

Not to be out-done, Boo was out on the deck singing a song rather loudly. Then she paused and said, "Mom, I think my echo is broken."

Then yesterday Boo and Yaks went on a walk with Josh. Yaks noticed his shadow and then said, "Dad, my shadow looks flat and like I'm naked! But, I really have clothes on."


Dianna said...

I love kid phrases like that!

Taylor's said...

Awesome! I needed that chuckle this morning!

Sarah said...

!! You might wonder now if you want sweet Eliza saying full phrases!

Plowgian Page said...

Ha, ha... funny kid phrases are my favorite. It's one of the reasons I wish I could freeze time. It will be a sad loss when they grow out of those.

Liz said...

I laughed out loud! I'm so glad you wrote those down.