Wednesday, September 21, 2011

That Friend

Yaks: (Yaks...BEAMING) "Mom, guess what?"
Me: "What!?"
Yaks: "I had SO much fun at recess! I played wiff Rhi!"
Me: (eyes welling with tears) "Oh! You did, buddy? That's great!"
Yaks: "Yeah, I made a friend!"

This was his journal entry that day.

I received an e-mail from his teacher on Thursday. She apologized for not knowing Yaks wasn't playing at recess. I in NO way blame her. I certainly never considered it the teacher's job to help my child find friends, but she kindly asked if there were any kids in class that he knew outside of school. I mentioned a few he knew, and a couple he had mentioned to me several times after school. One of them was a girl named Rhi. They are actually new in our ward! I asked if we could send some banana bread muffins for him to be able to share with the class for snack, to which she agreed.

The next day she paired them up for recess and "made him and Rhi swing." Ha, ha. After that, they took off playing on the playground, and have continued for several days now. He enjoyed being able to pass out the treats, and he was even called on to be a helper.

Sunday we were able to meet her. She walked right over to him at the Linger Longer and said, "Hi, Yaks!" Monday, first-grade Kai invited him to play with him during recess, and Boo even came around and joined in on the fun! He's gotten braver and more outgoing as a result. I overheard him ask our carpool buddy, Naomi, "Do you want to play with me until the bell rings?"

I'm thankful for caring teachers. I'm thankful for loving mothers who "encourage" their kids to include. I'm thankful for "that one friend" that we each have, and more importantly, that we can each be to someone else.


Allison said...

Oh Amy I'm so happy for him!! It broke my heart to read about how he'd not made any friends yet. I'm glad that he has a wonderful teacher who was willing to help him find a friend :)

Dianna said...

Now that is a good update! I knew he would get into the groove of finding friends, and yes, I love it when good people help out.

On The Go Family said...

Awww ... so glad to learn about this new development! Props to Rhi for being friendly, you for coming up with a way for the class to get to know Yaks and the teacher for noticing and helping facilitate the whole experience.

Sarah said...

I'm finding that I am prompting Meg to step up at recess and be "that friend." To a lonely girl she keeps talking about. I worried all along that she'd be the one on the I pray she won't let others feel that loneliness.
Glad things are better for Ben!