Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our Dirty Little Secret

We have a problem. A poop-in-the-tub problem. Every time Yaks gets his little body into a warm bathtub, he poops! It's been going on for MONTHS, now...that's a lot of poop, people! No mom should have to anticipate giving her kids a bath (normally a fun time of the day), only to dread the inevitable result: scooping poo out of the tub. The first few months that it occurred, I would pull the kids out of the tub (yes, I bathe them both together, why not?), empty the tub, scoop the poop, wipe down the tub, re-fill the tub, revive the kids who now have purple lips and are freezing in their nay-nays, then proceed to bathe them. A few times we've just used a designated "pooper scooper" and we've just scooped it out the minute we "see" it. Gross, I know, not to mention, unsanitary. We're supposed to be getting CLEAN, people!

More importantly, why does he do this? Boo never did this, even when she was a tiny, tiny baby! Is it a boy thing? Is it a genetic thing? JB? Will it ever end?

Recently, another problem has surfaced. Boo now refuses to get into the water, so long at Yaks is in the tub. "I no yike baths. Yaks poop in tub. I just watch Yaks." Can you blame the girl? Would you want to climb into a nice, warm bubble bath, only to have your neighbor come contaminate the pool? I try to convince her that he won't this time, but I'm totally LYING. Poor Yakkers. He has no idea what sort of unrest this is causing his family. He just sits there, happily splashing in the water, clueless that his sister wants nothing to do with him, while he's in there. I've tried watching for the "signs" that he's going to go. I've tried asking him if he needs to go, as we're filling up the tub. He always says (to every question) "Yeah!" I've tried letting his hands run under the water while the tub fills, hoping he'll just go before the diaper comes off. Nothing has worked.

They both need to be bathed. Do I bathe Yaks and then Boo (geez, that's a lot of extra work)? Maybe I should wait until he poops in the water, then put her in afterwards? Should I ban baths all together and introduce them to showers? Anyone have any clean ideas?

This stinks.

P.S. I'm sorry for the graphic nature of this blog. This is as PG-13 as I'll get, I promise.


laurenthequeen said...

First, I have to stop laughing because even though I'm sure that you are ready to be done with the poop, this is hilarious. No one thinks that you are unsanitary, everyone's kid poops in the tub at some point...little man has. Maybe it's more comfortable and relaxing, easier to get things moving. Who knows. Little man did showers for a long time, now he's too big for us to hold him while he's wet. If you have two bathrooms, try investing in a handheld shower attachment and giving them mini-showers. But remember too that if this is when Yaks is able to poop, switching to a shower may cause some constipation. And are we really having in depth conversations about poop?

HRT said...

We need pictures of this! Just kidding, we really don't. Um, ok, clearly warm water = poop for Yaks. We sometimes have our kids bathe together but sometimes one of us will take a shower with one of the kids and then we'll bathe the other. Ok, this is really making me laugh...

Amy said...

Girls, again I must apologize for this post, but there was nowhere else to turn except to those who love me best! It's not exactly the kind of thing you bring up at playgroup or bookclub. "Ladies, speaking of character boy poops in the tub. Any thoughts? Talk amongst yourselves." Great ideas! I'll try each one out.

Onthego Family said...

This has happened to us a few times (but Goose was the culprit, not Little Blue.) Thankfully GoDad is the official bath-giver so I've only had to clean up once. I feel for you!