Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm a Mormon

I'm a Mormon.

Did you know that?

Our church leaders invited our region to participate in an advertising "campaign", introducing people to The purpose is to share our "common commitment to Jesus Christ, to each other, and our neighbors." It's been interesting to watch the video clips of various members of the church and learn of their diverse experiences and touching testimonies.

Many of them have amazing experiences and lead fascinating lives. Cancer survivors (goodness, watch from 1:13)

artists, CEO's, parents of special-needs children, NFL football players. I recognized one sister who was in our stake in Virginia.

On Sunday our Bishop held a combined meeting and challenged us all to create a "profile" which asks, among other things, why you are a Mormon and how you live your faith. I agonized over what to write. I'm telling you, it took me two full nap times to organize my thoughts and pare down what I wanted to say! I still think I said too much. I've gotten up in testimony meeting and shared some aspect or another of my testimony, but writing it down and publishing it felt so intimidating. It was a good exercise, though! Initially I was overwhelmed with how MUCH there is to a testimony and all of the various experiences I've had that have helped me gain or strengthen it. I also struggled after reading all of the outstanding profiles to try to write something that even came close to theirs. I felt so inadequate and small following the video clips. I was really grateful for President Uchtdorf's address the night before. So wonderful!

I finally concluded that my life is not extraordinary, but I, along with many others, have a testimony. Some are simple, tiny and fragile. Some are grand, sure and strong. But, that's the purpose of the profile - however big or small they are, to share them.

My profile is under review for content and appropriateness, but then it will be put out there for all the wide world to read and view. I'm not the best missionary. I've never helped bring anyone into the church, but in this small way I feel like I'm doing something to help spread the good news of the gospel. It makes me happy, and I'm grateful for it.


On The Go Family said...

Good for you for completing a profile!

I know your influence has been felt far and wide and many have felt the love of the Savior through you. (I know that because I'm one of them!)

You may not feel like you've shared the gospel with anyone in a big way, but you never know. Just yesterday I got a message from one of my h.s. teachers through a cousin of mine. His message included two things: a hello, and a reminder that he still had the Book of Mormon I gave him 15 years ago!!! That touched my heart in such a big way.

Taylor's said...

i can not wait to be lifted up again!

RS Broadcast was amazing - I can't wait to hear this weekend!

Plowgian Page said...

Amy, merely by having this blog I think you are a wonderful missionary. I'm sure it's touched many lives.

Dianna said...

I can't wait to see it! Please highlight it in your blog when it is released.