Friday, September 10, 2010

Potato Potahto

Time for another vocabulary lesson! Here are a few mispronounced words that we hear around this house. If you didn't know the translation, you might not know what in the world these kids are talking about!

1.) Grade Cheese

Although we do enjoy a fine cheese, we're not so bold as to grade it.

More often than not, we're just grating cheese.

2.) Window SealsI know it gets a little cold here in the winter, but we really don't see seals out our windows.

We're probably just talking about the window sills.

3.) One lime

No, not limes!

Lines. Yaks will tell me how to write the first letter in his name in a sing-songy voice, "Here's how you do it, Mom. You go one lime...den two limes..." It's adorable.

4.) June's First July

I bet you didn't know that June had a first July, did you? I didn't either.

On the fourth of July, the kids noted that everyone was flying the flag, but instead of calling it "Old Glory" or "Our Flag", they heard "The Fourth of July", interpreted it as "June's First July", and then attached it to this:

Now everytime we see the flag flying, they say, "Look! It's June's first July!" How embarrassing.

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Dianna said...

Those are funny ones. My favorite is the window seal one. Kids' brains are amazing. When Abbey was younger and would run or exercise with me she would say, "Wow, Mom, we really swead!" (rhymes with head) or "I have a lot of swead on my hands." So the translation of "swead" is the verb "to sweat" or the noun "sweat".