Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tinkerbell Party

What a beautiful day to have a birthday party! It was sunny and 80's, and we haven't had a day like it since. (sigh) I think we're officially into Fall now. We spent the morning frosting and sprinkling cupcakes for her class party. I remember when I was in school and my mom would bake and frost sugar cookies shaped like pumpkins, then decorate them with candycorns. As one of nine siblings, I felt so special to have a large box dropped off to my classroom with my name on the top in my mom's neat handwriting. Then the joy of being able to share the treats with my classmates and have them all exclaim how delicious they tasted and how I'm so lucky to have a mom like that. Well, the cupcakes were a lot easier than all of that, and I was definitely not looking for the Kindergarten praise, but it was so fun to share in the day, and visit her classroom, and sing "Happy Birthday" to her.

Nana and Papa sent Boo this "Happy Birthday" shirt that she sported to school (we had to roll up the long sleeves).
I forgot to get a picture before school, so here's one complete with chocolate frosting spots!

When I asked Boo earlier in the week what she wanted for her birthday dinner, she said she wanted "boxed Nacaroni and cheese noodles". Nackaroni is not a type-o. Then the night before, she changed her mind and said she wanted to go to "that restaurant where we go to eat chips and sit on red couches and we have kids menus where we circle what we want..." Wish granted, so we had Nackaroni for lunch (of which she took two bites),

and to La Casa Lopez for dinner.

Here we are on the leather couches, devouring chips and circling "hamburger" on the menu. the MEXICAN restaurant. :) Josh told them it was Boo's birthday. The servers came to sing to her, and gave her a sombrero to wear! She tilted her head until it fell off, and then ignored them the entire time. Nice, Boo. Nice.

While she was at school, Yaks and I decorated the house with balloons and streamers, and wrapped presents. He picked out a little gift for her at the dollar store, and was so excited to give it to her.

This is my birthday cake creation. Boo wanted a "Tinkerbell" party. Our decor consisted of Tinkerbell plates, blowers and cups. I printed out some coloring pages and that was that. She did mention for the first time that she wanted to have a party with friends. I guess next year we'll have to brace ourselves for that one. For the cake, I printed the fairy friends on cardstock and cut them out and taped a toothpick behind them. Made a layered cake and covered my sloppy frosting job with gummy worms!

I have about two pounds of extra gummy worms, if anyone wants them!

The only drawback to having paper decorations is that they are a fire hazard.
Notice the fairy on the right is flaming!

Good times. Cute dimples. Happy Birthday, Boo!


Dianna said...

I love the cake! It looks like it was a very happy birthday.

Sarah said...

Good times!

Plowgian Page said...

If this was like facebook and there was a "like" button I hit it now. Happy belated birthday Boo!