Sunday, September 12, 2010

Farmer's Market

"We have a wonderful farmer's market." We probably heard that from almost every person we met when we first moved here. Since we moved in October, we missed out on last year's, so we were excited to see what all the fuss was about. I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical. When I think "farmer's market", I tend to think, "expensive", so when we went for the first time and purchased a pint of blueberries and a quart of blackberries (10$), I had my doubts.

They were THE most delicious berries I've ever eaten! I always thought blueberries were supposed to be tart and tasteless. These were sweet, plump and juicy (this is sounding like a commercial)!

Although we don't go to the market for everything, it's been our go-to this season for berries, tomatoes, and peaches. Tonnemaker Hill Farm is probably my favorite vendor. They seem to have exceptional produce, and they rarely run out.

No, the produce is definitely not "on sale", but I don't have a peach or an apple tree in my backyard.

The other plus is that everything is organic, so you feel like you're helping yourself and the environment. After having grown an all organic garden last summer, we know how difficult it is! Here's Josh plunking down his money. We got tomatoes, peaches, and the prettiest gala apples I've ever seen/tasted.

The kids enjoy going to the market as well. Yaks will now enjoy bringing his jacket! There is a lady who makes clay bracelets and molds them into tiny horses or flowers. The kids love to go choose their favorite that they would buy if they had money. :)

We bought a huge onion and six ears of corn from this vendor.

Although I've never purchased flowers, I always see people leaving with these pretty arrangements.
They have fresh eggs, honey, Alpaca yarn. You name it! It makes me a bit envious of countries where they go to market every day for whatever they are eating THAT day. It's fun to see what is truly "in season" in our area.

You could also pick up an interesting purse or bag. They sell hand-made dresses, shirts, jewelry, crafts, etc.
It also doubles as a mini Pet Smart! Lots of people bring their friendly dogs. Diddles was enchanted with this one.

But, if you were to ask the kids what is their favorite part of the Farmer's Market, I'm sure they would tell you that it's the donut stand.

On our way out, we always stop and buy a dozen mini donuts with powdered sugar.

I don't think they're organic, but they are definitely FRESH.

I love to watch this little contraption spit out the donuts into the oil to fry. It reminds me of one of my favorite books as a child, Homer Price by Robert McCloskey.

I should explain Boo riding in the stroller. The poor kid's been having growing pains, and she woke up with shooting pain in her thighs.
Diddles kindly gave up her seat to let her big sister ride.

All in all, it's a fun Saturday activity! If you come visit us before the end of October, we'll introduce you.


tara said...

I'm so jealous! Farmer's markets in the Pacific Northwest are so far and above anywhere else I've been.

Dianna said...

That looks so fun and so all-American. I had totally forgotten about Homer Price. I guess I need to locate that book to share it with Abbey and my grandchildren. Keep posting, Amy. I love your blog.

Sarah said...

I picked up a few Dick's donuts this weekend and thought of you. I'm glad to see that you're finding something fresh to fill that void! The produce looks wonderful!