Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Triangle Capes, Reversible Tutus and Shovel Pizza

This weekend Lindsey was in town. Lindsey and Lauren are sisters. You all know how I feel about L-train. Well, they are sisters in very deed. I'm sad I didn't actually get to see Lindsey, but it sounds like she had a great time w/ her compadres while visiting. She brought gifts for both Boo and Yaks (left them on our front porch like Santa) and they are AMAZING and ADORABLE. I just have to share.

First we have a cape. Not just any cape, a TRIANGLE cape. You may have heard about Yaks' obsession with all things triangular. It's fuzzy and soft on one side, and bright and interesting and cheery on the other!
Yaks first thought it was a skirt, and wasn't opposed to wearing it around his waist, but now he's figured out what a cape is, and has enjoyed running around the house at warp speed with his triangular cape flying behind him.

Boo was the recipient of this beautiful tutu. Okay, there are FLOWER PETALS IN THE SKIRT, PEOPLE! Are you kidding me?
It's so pretty. I would have LOVED something like this as a girl.
It's also reversible and has a yummy satin sash. I love satin sashes - they are a few of my favorite things. You can wear the pretty, dark pink side for a more dress-like look or the tutu side with all the colors and textures flouncing in all their glory.

I really think Lindsey should go into business with these. I can tell she put a lot of thought and love into this gift. I really appreciate it. Thanks, Lindsey!


The other day the kids and I were playing "picnic" in the toy room, and we were making our lunches. Boo decided she wanted to make pizza . She shared this piece with me , and I commented how much I LOVED this kind of pizza.

Amy: Oh, there are so many delicious things on it! There's olives and peppers and pepperoni

Yaks: I like Pepwoni!

Amy: ...and cheese and mushrooms...

Boo: And shovels...

Huh? Can you spy a shovel on this pizza? ha.


Lin said...

the mushrooms do look like shovels! awesome!

i'm glad they like their presents. I tried to get fabric on Yaks' cape that had lots of different colors and shapes. Him wearing it as a skirt...haha. I figured he just wanted to be like his sister and her tutu.

I had fun making that tutu, btw. it's the first one I've made for an "older" girl so it was fun to add the different colors and the petals. and the sash is my favorite too - makes it so it should fit for quite a while.

well yay! I am so happy they like those. sad that i didn't get to see you guys, but it was a very busy weekend - now i need a vacation from my vacation! haha.

love.boxes said...

So cute! What wonderful gifts!

Sarah said...

Shovel! Funny!

How lucky to have such a good friend who will sew for your kids and then frop the goodies off like Santa's little elf! I love that she added the triangles to the cape. Perfect! And, I am sure tha Jane is liking something girly that can be just for her!

Those fun projects make me wish for a sewing machine.

steph said...

There IS a shovel on the pizza! That's awesome! "Good noticing" (as we say at our house)