Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh, Triangle

We are Sesame Street watchers at our house. Sometimes the kids get hooked on a certain topic and they want to watch that episode over and over and over again. Yaks has recently been totally into TRIANGLES. Telly and Baby Bear attend the Triangle Lover's Meeting and they sing the triangle anthem, which goes like this:
"Oh Triangle, oh triangle With your sides of three Oh Triangle, oh triangle Forever we love thee!"

Yaks has taken to finding anything long and pointy to be his triangle scepter and he walks around the house singing:

"Tri-ngle...Tri-ngle...Tri-ngle" and waving his scepter around.
We've had to put the knives, the BBQ tongs, the knife sharpener and the stick lighters in very hard-to-reach places, because the kid is a Triangle Lover. They are a desperate bunch!

The other night we were eating dinner and I had sliced up some oranges for him to eat. He pulled one apart, looked at it for a moment and then said, "Tri-ngle!"

Another bit I love in this episode is a guest appearance by James Blunt. I've never been a huge fan of him, but I've got to say that he won over my heart when he changed his lyrics from "You're Beautiful" to "My Triangle" and filled the verses with clever references to all things triangular. I just really appreciate it when famous people take the time to be a little silly, to allow us to laugh at and with them, especially realizing that parents often watch these shows with their kids and hey...we need a little entertainment, too! Thanks, James Blunt!


On_The_Go Family said...

That's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing!!

"You're Beautiful" was HUGE in Europe. I'll never forget hearing all those non-English speakers belting out the tunes.

Lin said...

my favorite was telly snapping. how does he DO that?! haha.

Amy said...

You bring up a good point, Lindsey. I've often wondered how it is possible for those puppeteers to work their magic. From what I can see, they need one hand operating his mouth, two hands for each of his hands, and then some contraption to make his eyelids go up and down. It's a mystery. One I spend far too much time in pondering.

Lin said...

what really confused me is the fur on his fingers and hand. it would sound like us trying to snap with gloves on. haha. so it would take all of those things you said, plus a completely separate person snapping into a mic.

this is why the show's target audience is in pre-school. :)

Sarah said...

Great clip! I'll admit, Seseame Street is on in the background even now... Among my other favorite clips are 1) "Donald Grump - the hair realistically FAKE" 2) The "American I" 3) Dancing with the Square (or whatever shape they say...I forgot) and also 4) when they pull in people like the Today Show hosts, or Howie Mandel to try and explain a word. It makes me smile knowing that they most likely have kids of their own at home who will be watching them....and that they grew up watching Seseame Street themselves. Of course they should pitch in and help us laugh. The writers are brilliant!