Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy Birthday, Train!

This is my friend Lauren on the right, AKA L-Train. It's her birthday today. This photo is compliments of Tara, who took it at my going away party. Train and I met while working at MMA. She was a sharp, fancy event planner, and I was a lowly office assistant. One evening before the a big inaugural event for the California State Society, I was recruited to come into the office after hours to help stuff hundreds of nametags for the event. L-Train was working with demonic efficiency, and with good reason -- she was in charge of the thing start to finish! Lauren works so well under pressure, and any event is a success if she's in charge. Lauren can handle anything you throw at her, but don't get in her way or slow her down. She'll keep running right past you and you'll be left seeing purple stars and holding a tray for the mints (haha). Thus, Lauren's nickname was born, "L-train", and thus began our lovely, special friendship.

Lauren is the kind of person who will tell you if something is "fabulous" or if it's a "no" (pronounced , "no-wuh"), she will help you with your makeup when you are a bridesmaid and wearing a horrible cotton-candy pink dress, shop for you online when you are looking for that perfect outfit, and even fly out to Utah to hold your hand and be at your beck-and-call, when you are getting married! How many friends do that? Not many. Lauren makes things pretty and special. She crafted this pretty little program for my wedding luncheon (I was just going to print it on white cardstock..."no-wuh"), and she also though to add roses to our wedding cake (I know, who ever heard of a chocolate wedding cake? But, it's JB's all-time favorite french bakery cake. He LOVED it). Look how much prettier it looks with Lauren's special touch! I'm telling you, she does that with EVERYTHING!

Some favorite words of Train's are: "It's okay!" (This is to be said brightly, with the emphasis on the AY. I still say it to myself as Train would, when times get stressful. It never fails to calm me down. ),"That's fabulous", "uh-huh", "yeah", "no-wuh". I'm sure I'm missing some. Perhaps you could help me. I think of Lauren whenever I smell lavender or dark chocolate, when I see a Corolla or the color purple, when I see a Jamba Juice or a store window with fancy shoes.

Today she's one year older and I'm hoping that this year has GREAT memories attached. I wish we were closer, but somehow this blogging makes me feel not-so-far-away from all of my pals. I miss seeing her dazzling smile and being around her "fabulous" personality. I love you, Train! Happy Birthday!


mothergoose said...

Wow, what a great tribute to a fabulous friend. I remember L Train helped you throw a baby shower for me (and stock me up with gifts)when she didn't even know me, yet!!! I think she just knew I was poor and lonely and came to the rescue. I still get teary eyed whenever I pass a Melting Pot and think of all of you girls. You are an unbelievable person L. I hope you have the best day!

laurenthequeen said...

You girls are making me cry - happy tears of course. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have such lovely birthday wishes. Thank you!!!!