Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Injured Players

We play hard around here. It can get dangerous. "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt" should be our motto.

Yesterday Boo and Yaks were "dancing" (this term is used very, very loosely - "playing bumper cars w/ their bodies" was more like it) around the room. Despite my heedless warnings "be careful, someone might get hurt!" "Slow down!" "Okay, let's calm down just a little bit!" Well, the inevitable happened. I heard the soft "thud" of heads colliding and then turned to see both children standing a foot apart from one another, both with looks of shock upon their faces, followed by stereophonic wails of pain.

At this point as the mother, I'm the first responder, and one of the jobs of being a first responder is to "assess the situation" and "treat the most injured patients first". In this case, Boo was the winner, when I saw blood dripping from her mouth. I cupped my hand under her chin and sat her on my lap. Yaks was rubbing his head and had obviously met her mouth, but I didn't see blood anywhere. Still, he needed some serious snuggling, but...uh....blood was becoming a problem.

So, we shuffled together to the bathroom, where Boo caught a glimpse of her blood-stained self in the mirror and really started to panic. We got a cold cloth on her mouth and I held her in a gentle headlock with one arm while hugging Yaks with the other arm. I tried to figure out where the blood was coming from (just her lip - glad it's not teeth or a split chin), while channeling my mom by calmly saying, "darn it, I bet that hurts, huh?" "Ohhhh, man...youchie!" "Ooooo kay, it's almost better now." "I know you want daddy, but he's at work right now..." Yaks was left with a big goose egg, but that kids' head has survived countless tumbles, conks, blunt-force traumas and "hard" kisses (thanks, Boo) in the few years he's been with us. Once he had calmed down, he was quickly dispatched to get additional help (Zizi) for his sister.

Show me your ouchie, Boo.

Could I take your picture, Mom?

All is well now. They were back to playing an hour later - a bit more calmly, I might add. Never a dull moment, eh? Oh, sorry you inherited my chronically chapped lips, Boo. Get used to carrying chapstick in your pocket 24/7, kiddo.


Heidi said...

You have the most amazingly perfect white teeth. How do you do that?

Oh yeah, sorry Boo and Yaks! I think you might be channeling Goose and the Little Lady.

love.boxes said...

Did you hear that thing on the radio about moms if there were paid what their expertise is worth for the hours they put in.. it would be well over 100,000 dollars per year??.. sounds like you are earning yours! :)

Sarah said...

I've heard that the head injuries definately bleed the most...and sometimes look worse than they really are. But still, to have a houseful of tears...no fun. Luckily (knock on wood) we've escaped this one so far.