Thursday, May 15, 2008

Classroom Management : Part 2

Several months ago, I read an Ensign article that inspired me with an idea to add to our scripture study routine. I'm sure some of you probably do this already, and I'm just behind. But, it's really helped us a lot and the kids just LOVE it, so I thought I would share the idea. Plus, I don't think it hurts for kids to have an arsenal of gospel-themed songs in their memory.

We choose a simple primary song each week. We introduce it at FHE and then sing it every night after scriptures and before prayers until the following week. It really helps to quiet them down and make the transition to prayer time. We do actions with the lyrics and by the end of the week, the kids really have the song down! Last week it was "I Love to See the Temple".

This week I've been thinking about (and needing) more faith in my life. I was trying to find a site that had actions to go with the lyrics of the primary song "Faith", but couldn't find one. I decided to make up some movements to this one.

Faith is knowing (finger on the side of your head)
the sun will rise (arms make a big circle and lift them over your head)
lighting each new day (wave arms back and forth)

Faith is knowing (finger on the side of your head)
the Lord will hear (cup ears w/ hands)

my prayers each time I pray (fold arms and close eyes)

Faith is like a little seed ( pretend to pick up a small seed out of your cupped hand)
If planted (pretend to plant it in the carpet/bedspread)

it will grow (have your arms grow like a plant)

Faith is a swelling within my heart (hands on your heart)
When I (point to yourself) do right I know (finger on the side of your head)

If anyone has any other ideas for additional songs that we could use in the coming weeks or a site with some ideas, please pass it along!


Sarah said...

I thought it was you that shared this site with me...but maybe not. Try out
There are all sorts of great church ideas. I have used several for young womens. If you scroll down and keep and eye on the left'll see a primary song index. You can look up songs by alphabet. Not all are there. Not all ideas are great - but some are. Give it a peek (if you haven't already).

Cath said...

I love that idea!

kthom said...

Always on top of things it! We're still working on "eyes CLOSED...stop giggling at eachother...grrr!"

love.boxes said...

Your children are so lucky. :)

Scott and Maggie said...

A couple of nice short ones that my kids love are:

Listen to the Still Small Voice
Jesus Said Love Everyone

There are also the ones that have ASL actions with them like

Love One Another