Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day, etc.

It was an interesting Sunday for Mother's Day this year...
1.) It was a FAST Sunday. So, that eliminated any special breakfast or tasty chocolate treat in which to indulge.
2.) I also had to teach Relief Society (2nd year in a row), and had to condense the lesson to 20 minutes to make time for testimonies. I was feverishly working on it all day Saturday and thinking and worrying about it all day Sunday. I'm sure you can imagine how relaxing that was!
3.) Josh had to stay after church to do fast offerings and tithing and didn't make it home till about 6:00.
4.) Our church is 1-4pm. Priceless.

But, no feeling sorry for me! I had a great day. I planned ahead for a fabulous Mother's Day meal! Why not? I failed to get a picture of the meal, but here was the menu:

T-bone steaks (hamburgers for the kids), potato casserole, broccoli salad, & rolls, fresh strawberry pie and whipped cream. I found this easy recipe for strawberry pie, but I cooked it too long, so it was a bit uh....gelatinously firm, but still quite tasty. Give it a try before the strawberry season is over! We did most of the prep work in the morning and then waited for Josh to get home after meetings to grill up the meat and oh, boy! I was a happy mom.


Boo made this cute little Mother's Day letter in her primary class. She had so much fun with these little foamie stickers she declared that the paper was "hers". So, I took a picture of it so I could remember it before it got destroyed.

I like how she says that I help her get dressed. I do nothing of the sort. She won't let me! In fact, Saturday night when I was giving them baths, she stripped this off.

FOUR...count 'em FOUR pairs of underwear, friends! Is it "just in case"? She couldn't decide which one to wear, so why not wear all of them? She needed a little extra padding?


Also, speaking of church this is Yaks' favorite book these days.

We read it every night. I found it at DI for $ .25 and saw that it was a Caldecott winner and couldn't go wrong. Plus, it was about Noah's Ark, and that I'd be able to use it in the church bag. It's a wordless picture book, which is unique, but something disturbs me about this book. Let me show you.

"Oh, all the animals are safe on the ark. It's time to close the doors!"

"And it starts to rain..."
But wait, it appears that there were other animals who came to hop on board, but we all know that only two of each kind were taken, right? Do you see where this is going?

"And it rains and...rains..."

Boo: (worried) "Did those animals want to get on the boat? They can't get on the boat because Noah closed the door?"
(Amy's eyes well with tears as they do EVERY TIME WE READ THIS BOOK!)

Amy: "Oh, (sniff) I think those animals just wanted to swim instead, so they swim next to the boat, but you just can't see them!"(Did I ever mention that I lie to my kids?)

These poor little animals DROWN in this childrens' picture book! I guess that's what happened in real life, but come on! Josh pointed out that the illustrator could have showed people drowning. I guess that's true, but does this bother anyone else? I think this book may need to get lost. Perhaps we'll leave it out in the rain.

Happy (belated) Mother's Day to you all!


Lin said...

umm...that book is creepy. never in my life have i had a book about Noah's Ark SHOW that other animals were left off the ark. I don't think I even thought about what happened to the other animals till I was older. Seriously...who wants to think about that? and who thinks little kids should think about it? strange.

love.boxes said...

Boo is sooo funny! 4 pair of unders! Wow! It's like packing without a suit case!

kthom said...

Can I just say that I love you! I love that you are a fun cute mom who worries over giving a lesson in RS (no need), preps a delicious meal even though starving/fasting (I would have given in) and lets her daughter wear 4 pairs of undies (at least they were on the I can just picture you saying and doing all those things and missing you. You are hilarious and I love reading about your little family. Happy Mother's day to you! Oh, and maybe the book needs to mysteriously vanish??? crazy how those things happen!

Libby said...

We had that book growing up. It is so cute. Awesome that you found it for 25 cents. Lucky.

Happy Mothers Day! (belated)

Sarah said...

I still love the pictures in that book...even if the animals need explaining. I am sure I'd lie to my kids about it too!

The pie looks yummy! I wish I could have planned a dinner for our place. We "got" to make appearances at both G'mas.

Four underwears?!!! What more can I say. She certainly is prepared! Like kthom least she fashions them on the INSIDE! That picture made me smile today! Thanks.

Arlyn said...

Hello. I found your blog while searching a FHE topic last night. I've enjoyed what I've read so far! I had to laugh at the underwear. My 2.5 year old is going through 4 underwear a day, too...just not all at once. That was a strange book. There must be a way to use it for a moral. Maybe, go to church or be left out? Be the first to volunteer? Sorry...that's not much!

Sally Anderson said...

We had that book when I was little. I loved it! No big deal that the animals all drown. I think we all knew that that is what happend. It shows the rainbow at the end so I feel like it resovles the sad part really well.

steph said...

Beautiful pie! Wow! You are very Becky Hom-ecy. I think the 4 panties idea is great, my girls would appreciate it, ya know, just in case there's a little dribble. (Happens a lot around here) Love ya!