Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Did you have a special blanket growing up? Mine was called "Kitty Blanket" because it had little kittens in the scene. I know, really original, right? My mom still has each of our "blankies" from when we were little, stored in a special chest.

Before Boo was born, JB's grandma gave her a darling blanket for a shower present. It was pale pink with satin all around the edge, cute flowers and Peter Rabbit embroidered on the corner, along with Boo's name. Boo started sleeping through the night and "snugging" her little blanket at a very young age (for which we were grateful). She's slept with it ever since, and it's her good friend. Unfortunately, she also habitually sucks her thumb when in the presence of her blanket (for which we are NOT grateful). Somewhere along the way, she named her blanket "ZIZI". Like many nicknames our family creates, it morphed from Blanket, blankie, blankeezz, ZIZI.

Much like a checklist for a big event, the Zizi is THE most important item. It's like our third child. "Do we have Zizi? Okay, then we can go."

This is how it looks today. Poor Zizi.

The pale pink is now dingy. The satin on the edges is almost all gone - one straggly edge, still clinging to the seam. It gets frequent washings, but still looks dirty.

Although the embroidery is all still intact, the little Peter Rabbit has "hopped" through greener pastures, if you know what I mean!

This is the best feature of Zizi. The tag. The little satin string you see hanging is the "handle" to the Zizi. It's been sewn back into place once. Boo scratches her fingernail along the tag "scratch, scratch, scratch". If I ever go blind, I'll be able to find her.

Although we try to keep track of Zizi, it has been left a few times - at Nana's, at the library, in Dad's car, etc. Yesterday we went to two libraries in search of unreserved books. Both trips were short, rushed and very stressful. When we arrived home and got settled, Boo started to inquire after Zizi. I thought it was still in the car and sent her out to look for it. She came back, whining that it wasn't in there. I looked all over the house, SURE that I had seen her bring it in. I wasn't very happy about the thoughts of hunting down a Zizi amongst the shelves of books at TWO separate libraries!

Exasperated, I said, "I think Zizi's lost!" Her little face crumbled, lower lip quivered and she came completely to pieces! "We have to go n' find it! I NEED it! Let's get in the car and go GET it! Pleeease!" I made one last-ditch lap around the house, silently praying that we would find it, and there it was in the office. I gave her the lecture about keeping track of her stuff, and then she said, "Well...(sniffle) I think I just need to go (sob) lay down in my crib for a while (sniffle, sob)." It's like the trauma just took it all out of the poor kid. She slowly walked upstairs, climbed into her crib and just lay there, snugging Zizi. Reunited with her thought-lost friend.

Zizi, if you can hear me...please don't ever get lost. I don't think we could take it.



laurenthequeen said...

We have a rule with "pretty", that it's not allowed to leave the house. Of course we make exceptions for overnight trips or stressful situations. But Little Man has gotten used to it. We also have his little "Bob" blankie that can go anywhere with us. Do you think that limiting Zizi to the house or even just starting with Zizi staying in the car for trips might help? Also, you might want to see about finding out where Zizi was purchased and getting another one. Then you could have one for "travel" and one for home. Lost blankies can be a nightmare!

Heidi said...

Goose has "White Blankie" which is now gray, and "Green Blankie" which stays in the car. They are the same type of blankie so that works. The Little Lady is gradually warming up to her blankie.

I still sleep with mine.

On The Go Family said...

We've never done the blankie thing. I bought Goose a little bunny cuddly thing when she was born, but she just wasn't into it. Wouldn't take a pacifier either.

I didn't try with Blue -- maybe that's why he found his fingers!

Lindsey said...

i have a blue baby i still sleep with and i clearly remember panicking when bed time came and she was no where in sight. luckily, mom never let me take her out of the house so there was no danger of her being completely lost. i say a new rule is in order...she'll thank you for it when she's 24 years old and still sleeping with her Zizi. haha. i only wish a second blue baby was purchased because now MY blue baby is falling to pieces and i don't know what to do and they stopped making her in the 80s.

hope that helps - you know from the "hindsight" perspective.

also - it totally threw me off that this post was about a blanket and not me. ;)