Monday, November 5, 2007

Baby's First Haircut: Part Two!

We watched Oprah's Great American Haircut on Friday and well...felt inspired. I shared with you our experience with Boo's first haircut. Needless to say, when the time started to roll around for Yaks to need one, my left eye started twitching, and I began to perspire. JB felt sure that he could cut a boy's head of hair, so we stripped the kiddo down, grabbed a bag of fruit snacks and he went to work!

Yaks is so modest. Look at him. He feels he needs a shirt on. That's my boy!

Here we go!! He thought the buzz on his head felt funny. That little blond peaky line on the left side of his head has been there since he was a baby.

He was fascinated by the spray bottle. This kept him busy and relatively still for the cutting. His hair is just like Boo's - blond and fine - it makes it kind of tricky to cut.
*Yes, those are my CM paper scissors. No sacrifice is too big.*

Note JB's wardrobe change. He needed a fine-toothed comb to do a proper job, so he had to run to the store to get one.

And cut! I think it looks great! Well done, JB. Isn't it something how little babies look so much older, once they get their hair cut? Now, let's go get a shirt on this little nay-nay baby!
Now it's my turn for a new look. I'm in desperate need. Any ideas? I've been thinking of changes everywhere from going brown (!?) to getting a totally different style.


Sarah said...

Looks great! I agree that a baby's first cut no longer leaves them looking like a baby. The pictures are great to show what a PROJECT it is. All the entertaining toys...trips to the store...siblings wandering in the background... It was worth the effort.

love.boxes said...

I went red for a while and it was very fun.