Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Happy Birthday, Cath!

Today is Cath's birthday. She's my younger sister and when we were younger, I wouldn't have much to do with her. She just seemed too young, and I was older and too mature to be bothered.

That's me in the red, and Cath is the little baby. See how mature I was?

Once I got to college and she entered high school, the gap somehow narrowed and we became compadres, equals, sisters in the true meaning of the word! We suddenly had inside jokes, nicknames, special handshakes, you name it! Then the world got e-mail and my family finally got a home computer and things really started getting fun. Cath would write me poems such as these:

Good luck on your finals.
Don't worry I have a bazillion projects and tests next week too.
So you know what to do, when you’re looking through all those notes, not a few.
I am also studying up a stew.
But just think in a few weeks, less than two,
you can come home to your rolls and hot brew.
Well I must adjourn this letter until next time. Too da loo.

See you sunday.
Don’t be distraught its not far away.
Although people may say they want you to stay, You just trot and sway, and yell no way, and say not even if to me you would pay, for i am going to see cath in V-A.

Oh, they kept me going, I tell you. I would be laughing out loud in the computer lab, knowing full-well that even if I shared these crazy lyrics with the strangers around me, they wouldn't really "get it". That's the kind of special thing Cath and I have. Now she's all grown up and married and has little O's and two dogs! She's my adviser in all things fashion. We chat about raising kids, what we're cooking for dinner, the cute new outfit we got at DI and planning our next trip up to Logan to visit our mommy. Life is good, and I'm sure glad that I've got a sister in mine. Happy Birthday, Cargs!


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Sarah said...

What a great picture of the fam. It is interesting to see compared to now. And yes, I can tell how mature you were :)