Thursday, June 21, 2007

Baby's First Haircut

A baby's first haircut is a special event. It's followed by OOooo's and Aaaaah's, and pictures and fun memories. It usually takes place at some cute little haircutting place where the child gets to sit in a car or a princess carriage and watch their favorite show, while the specially-trained baby hairstylist works her magic. When the time came to cut Boo's hair, we figured we could do it ourselves. Come hard could it be? I refused the job. It scares me to death to be responsible for other people's hair. JB, my husband, volunteered.

This was the result.

We learned some valuable lessons from this experience:
1.) Boo is a girl, not a boy. You can't cut a girls' hair the same way you would a boy's.
2.) There is no "undo" botton on a pair of scissors.
3.) Leave it to the professionals.
4.) It takes a looooong time for kids' hair to grow out.

It eventually did grow out, more than a year later.

This is Boo. She's 2 1/2 now. Her hair is beautiful. It's like cornsilk - blonde, stick-straight, fine, soft, it blows in the breeze and always smells pretty. That kind of hair. I can braid it, put it in little pony-tails and we were even successful at putting it in one single ponytail in the back this past weekend. YES!

Boo decided that today would be the day to try something new. To spread her wings and go where her mother feared to tread. After all, the Sesame Street episode she watched was all about HAIR! While I was downstairs doing some housework, Boo was upstairs in our bedroom. I returned to put her down for a nap maybe 10 minutes later to find these:

Do the scissors look familiar?

along with this, all over the floor:

The child took scissors that she has never before used or had interest in using in her LIFE (I didn't even know she knew HOW to operate scissors), set up the mirror and GAVE HERSELF A HAIRCUT!!! The shortest spot is 1" long. It's mostly behind her ears, but really. It's bad (as Lauren would say).

We went from this..

Look at Yaks admiring his sister's hair. He's over a year and is still as bald as the day he was born!

To this, in a matter of minutes!

Don't be alarmed! She's napping in this picture.

Yeah, that was my reaction too, Boo. I know it's grows back, but COME ON!!! I started crying, and calmly told her, "It's mommy's job to cut hair. Mommy needs to help you when you use scissors." I think she sensed my sadness. She just put her arms around me and gave me a hug with some pat-pats. To make matters worse, my phone died, so there was no mom or JB to call for consolation. So instead...I started a blog. ha!


HRT said...

Yay! AHP is blogging! It was only a matter of time.

Ouch - I think this is a rite of passage for every mom of a little girl in the world. Good thing hair DOES grow!

Lindsey said...

blogging is always a good idea. i can't believe she took scissors to her hair! it will grow, though!!

laurenthequeen said...

ames, i'm SO sorry. i think i would have cried too. just keep reminding yourself that it will grow!

mothergoose said...

Yay, this is the blog I've been waiting for!!! Can't wait to hear about what you're up to. You are so fun and uplifting.

You're little girls hair is so pretty... what are you going to do to hide the part she cut? you'll have to post more photos if you cut it all short.

Onthego Family said...

Boo has more hair (post-cut) than Goose has after almost three years! We're all jealous of her amazing ability to grow hair. I'm sure Boo will have a full, beautiful mane in no time!