Thursday, November 1, 2007

An Incredible Halloween!

I should have posted this last night, but I was too tired and I had candy to eat. We agonized over what to be for Halloween this year. In keeping with our group theme, we thought it only fitting to be
The Incredibles

A little trip to DI got us each matching red t-shirts, then we scrounged around and found black pants and turtlenecks. We printed out the logo on cardstock and stuck them to our shirts with a bug hunk of tape. Our masks were the most annoying (made out of a strip of black t-shirt). I couldn't get mine quite right and only wore it for the picture.

We were a big hit walking around the neighborhood. Only a few of the old-timers didn't know who we were. "Oh, it's Batman and Robin!" Haha.

Doing our best Elastigirl/Mr. Incredible impression.

It was a perfect fall day and evening. The weather was crisp but not too cold. We just went to a dozen or so houses of friends we knew well and people who really wanted to see the kids.

Boo didn't get into trick-or-treating at all, which really surprised me. She had her basket, but didn't want to clutter it with candy. She would say "no" when someone asked her if she wanted a treat. What? She slept with her basket last night and hasn't eaten one single piece. Yaks on the other hand got totally into it. If they brought the bowl down to let him "choose", he would help himself to huge handfuls, taking as much as they would allow him. Then he would smile his little mischievous smile like he was getting away with a crime and then squeal with glee, looking into his basket over and over. It was really funny.

One sad event happened around 8:30, when some punk kid decided to take Boo's pumpkin and smash it on our driveway. It wouldn't have bothered me (the smashing of pumpkins), but why do you have to go and choose THAT one to smash? We threw them all away in the garbage last night, hoping she wouldn't ask for it, but she was up early this morning, trying to go out front to get her pumpkin. I told her that all the pumpkins went back to the pumpkin patch to be with their friends (I lie to my's so bad). What would you have told her? "A mean kid smashed your pumpkin to smithereens."?

Rest in Peace (in the "pumpkin patch")

On a brighter note, I got a darling little package from my blog friend Tiffany (Shelese's cousin) in our mailbox yesterday. I happened to win her Halloween giveaway and got a darling little pumpkin Lovebox, along with other fun Halloween goodies!

The candy corn taffy is yummy! Thank you, Tiffany! I love my box. Head over to her blog sometime. She is a lovely person and has some wonderful book reviews and pretty things to enjoy.


Sarah said...

Your family looks great! It looks like you had a great time.

Shelese said...

You are so smart, what awesome costumes! What a fun night! Yaks experience cracked me up. what a cutie.

love.boxes said...

I love those costumes! I want to copy you next year. Little c would love that!!! Glad you liked your winnings!