Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Dear Sesame Street Workshop,

I loved Sesame Street as a child, so I naturally “encouraged” my kids to like it, too. It’s the one show/movie that we watch regularly. They love it. I love it. The Count with his Number of the Day (ah, ah, ah!), Cookie Monster eating the letter of the day (“is he REALLY going to eat it this time? Oh yes, he did! hahaha. I can’t believe it!”), Grover taking us places around the world and teaching me that “fromage” means cheese in French , Elmo, spreading his sappy love and giggles all over the place (love the guy), Bert and Ernie teaching us conflict resolution, and most importantly, sketches that taught my daughter how to count to 20 and cut her own hair. Thanks for that one. :)

Yesterday kicked off the first episode of the 38th season. I was excited to see the new episodes with the kids and enjoy the new sketches and jokes. Sesame Street!? What happened? You totally changed the song in the beginning to a hip-hop number!? You took away Cookie Monster and the Letter of the Day! How are we supposed to KNOW what the letter is without C.M. inhaling the cookie and Prairie Dawn vainly attempting to stop him? Grover is now only appearing only as “Super Grover” and no longer letting us tag along for cultural adventures! How am I supposed to learn my French?

Also, if you are going to have a kids’ show, please oh please DON’T show a sketch featuring Brian Williams doing a spoof of ‘The Nightly News’! My kids think I changed the channel to “Watchanews!” You should have seen the looks I got – as if I had thrown my son’s prized binkie and my daughter’s cherished blankie down the garbage disposal! Betrayal and hurt. We thought maybe yesterday was a fluke, and that they just ran out of time with all the “special guests”: Tina Fey, Brian Williams, and R&B singer Chris Brown. But today, same thing! Matt Lauer and Fred Newman.

We’re still watching, but we are sure hoping that Cookie and Grover come home soon! Are they ill? Do they need directions on how to get to Sesame Street? Would you tell them how to get there? May I? Please? Pretty Please??



laurenthequeen said...

I thought it was just my imagination since we haven't been watching Sesame Street for that long. I agree though... I did not like the new and "improved".

HRT said...

I'm sorry, that is so rude. I think that you should invite me to come up and get chipotle and eat it at your house and our kids will play together and we can talk about it in-depth.

michelle said...

Okay after 38 years some things should just not be allowed to change, that is all there is to it!!

laurenthequeen said...

Conan O'Brien? Seriously? and what happened to Elmo's World? Did I miss that part or was it really not there today? This is not good.

Amy said...

I can't believe they didn't have Elmo's World today! (I can't believe I just TYPED that!) My kids actually left me alone in the room to watch it about halfway through. I guess that's a big thumbs-down from the academy!

laurenthequeen said...

I think we need to send them the link to your blog so they can see the feedback.