Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lost and Found

We found our digital camera in JB's fishing vest (exactly where a camera should be). Now my purse is missing! Today JB took the car to work and emptied it of it's contents onto the garage floor. When I was rummaging through the pile today, I noticed that my purse wasn't in the pile. I called him to check the car for it, and to put it somewhere safe, but he said he hadn't seen it. I asked him to "look again", but still no sign.

It kinda looks like this.

Now I'm in panic mode -- retracing my steps, calling people who were with me last night, searching likely locations in the house and saying some silent prayers. Have you had a bad experience getting your stuff stolen? We have!

Weeks before JB and I got married, he kept getting this weird mail from attorneys offering him their services for his "legal troubles". He got curious, and called the police department to inquire. They pulled his file, which included a WARRANT OUT FOR HIS ARREST for check fraud! The poor guy had gotten his wallet stolen while he was helping look for Elizabeth Smart. He canceled all of his cards, but considered his drivers' license lost and gone. Apparently, a dashing young man had used JB's card to try to cash a large check, using JB's ID at a nearby bank. The clerk got suspicious and told him to wait a moment while she checked on something, and he bolted, leaving behind JB's license. Hence, the warrant.

JB was beside himself. He was a wreck. It was like our first official crisis as a couple. We had to figure out who was the alibi for the bank incident to prove that it wasn't him. The police had to write him a "get out of jail free" card, in case he got pulled over in the meantime. We sought comfort from our patent lawyer attorney uncle that they It eventually got all worked out, but it took MONTHS.

Now I'm dreading a similar experience. I'll keep you posted. Awe, this stinks! :(

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