Friday, August 10, 2007

President James E. Faust

I wanted to post this for those living out of state who may not have heard the news. I just heard myself that President Faust passed away last night due to old age. He's such a dear man and was one of my favorite speakers at General Conference. I'll miss his tender messages and sweet smile.

Here's a link with more details.


mothergoose said...

i just found out about an hour ago. thanks for the link, i was wondering how he died. that's so sad. i will miss his great talks too.

so now who is next in line in seniority after president hinckley do you know?

Amy said...

I'm not sure how the whole "senority thing" works. I have to have it explained to me all the time.

I do know that it will be up to President Hinckley to choose a new counselor. If he is selected from the quorum of the 12, they will have a vacancy to fill there as well. It will be interesting to learn who it will be!

HRT said...

It's Pres. Hinckley, then Monson, and then Packer in order of age.

Pres. Hinckley will most likely go ahead and choose another counselor from the quorum of the 12 and then at the October conference they will call and sustain a new member of the 12. He doesn't have to choose from the 12, but in recent years that has been the case. :)

He will certainly be missed, but what rejoicing in Heaven!

HRT said...

P.S. The counselors aren't chosen in order of seniority. President Faust was after Packer. It's just whoever is chosen by the Prophet.

Amy said...

Thanks, HRT! :)

love.boxes said...

Seniority is actually determined by the time of ordination. Even if two apostles are ordained on the same day, the one who has seniority in the quorum of the 12 is the one who was ordained first. So, it is interesting that when the prophet dies, the first presidency is disolved and members of the quorum of the 12 fall back in line in order of seniority as explained above. The senior member of the quorum of the 12 becomes the acting president of the church until he becomes sustained by the membership (he was already ordained when he was called as an apostle). The senior member in every instance since Brigham Young has become the prophet and he chooses his counselors from the 12 and then at conference a new apostle (who will have already been called and ordained)will be sustained by the membership of the church.

Long comment, but I find this very interesting. :)