Thursday, December 31, 2015

December Dealings

It's the Christmas season!  The kids had a great time decorating and re-decorating the tree.  We got our first taste of some real snow, and the harsh reality that they have to go to school in it.  We kept things pretty simple this season, trying not to over-extend or have too many commitments.

We went tree shopping to help Mom and Dad find a tree, and Boo and Monkey
helped them set up their Nativity collection..

Mags and Dad snuggling by the tree.

Diddles' teacher served her mission in Holland, and she had the kids make paper shoes to leave out in the hallway, and learn a Sinterklaaus song.  They were so excited to get chocolate letters in their shoes!  Her teacher is amazing!

We went to this amazing stake Christmas party and Stewart and Annette's ward building.  It was A Country Christmas, complete with hay rides, a band, cinnamon rolls, huevos rancheros, hot cocoa bar, photo booth, and so much more.  We had so much fun!

Fun Christmas find:  Marie and Emily never had matching stockings with the rest of us.  I decided to search on Ebay and see if I could possibly find one with the old pattern, and found them!  Mom worked on it during the long days in the hospital, and it was fun to see all the stockings hanging in a row.

We had a cookie exchange and our traditional Nativity Pageant.  It was fun to be there for that! We usually had to miss it.

Quite possibly the funnest time was Christmas Day, after all the presents had been opened, and the toys had been played with, and the boredom set in.  We all converged on Mom and Dad's house for games and puzzles.

 Ryan made a seafood feast with delicious pasta dishes.  Dad was in heaven!

 It was great having Uncle James with us.  He's a great time, and the kids had fun reconnecting with him.  I'm thankful for the Christmas season.  We really tried to focus on Christ and service and giving gifts of service to others, instead of focusing so much on buying and Santa.  I'm glad that kids who are older are really getting into the Spirit of that kind of season.  It's wonderful!

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