Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Jumbles

We just kind of "get through" January, don't we?  It's so long, cold, dark and disappointing.

After all those years in Young Women's, planning and preparing meaningful New Beginnings programs for upcoming Beehives, it was finally my turn to just sit back and be a Mom to a wonderful incoming Beehive.  

This cute Laurel Class President came over and interviewed Jane for her spotlight.  The whole program was pretty simple, from the invitation to the program.  I missed my Terre View ladies and the girls, especially when she said, "Jane's favorite book is the Harry Potter Series." Our TV girls would have all nodded and quietly cheered.  They are a tough act to top.

We did lots of service to keep Grandma and Grandpa company through the long, cold month.  It's hard for Dad to not be outside and busy in his yard.  One afternoon we all helped polish the silver.  Diddles thought this was the best activity ever, and wanted to rush straight home and polish ours (we only have stainless steel)!  I'm so glad we live so close that we can do service like this.

With morning church, Monkey and I started filling our long evenings with making tasty desserts from our favorite show, Great British Baking Show.  This, coupled with Sunday game nights kept us going!  

Marie, Roy and Ash came for a visit with an exciting gender reveal that they're having a GIRL!  Due in May.  How exciting. 

Losing teeth left and right!
"Mom, I pushed my tooth wiff my tongue, and it just popped out!  Are you SO beprised?"

Boo went to Beaver Mountain for 5th Grade ski day!  I only tried skiing once, and it was up at Beaver.  It was one of the physically hardest things I've ever done.  Trying to get up from a fall, gather your gear and get going again was so challenging!  Needless to say, it was my first and last time.  Talk about feeling uncoordinated.  She had a fun time!

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