Monday, November 30, 2015

November News

November was a blur.  Dad had major surgery on his back in early November.  They basically reconstructed it - straightened his spine front to back and side to side.  It was involved, lasting two days.  Recovery was difficult and long, and it was taxing on mom as well.  He was in the hospital for several weeks, and took months at home to get somewhat "back to normal".  The siblings were wonderful - coming up to spend time visiting and helping ease the boredom and sometimes even taking charge and ordering Dad to take his medicine.  I'm so grateful for them.  Watching siblings who I always consider "kids" (myself included) move into roles of adults is such an amazing sight.  We love our parents so much, and it was an honor to serve them in their time of need.  After all they've done for us, you know? We've been so blessed.

Josh got a second calling, and one he's secretly always wanted - Cub Master.  He's done an amazing job, and is implementing all the great things he's learned through his years of Scouting and at Woodbadge.  It's fun to see the contagious enthusiasm he's started!  It's really great for all the boys and leaders. 

Uniform Inspection

Stomp Rockets at the Space Derby

Yummy snack of apple slices and the most delicious fruit dip!
Isn't that so clever?
Eliza has really been working hard at school.  It doesn't some easy for her, but I'm so proud of her persistence and her tenacity to keep trying. She's a big fan of rewards, and one of her favorites has been a Pizza Hut pizza coupons as a reward for reading her take-home readers.  
Cheese pizza, please!
 Eliza had been attending a resource class (Little Class) before school since September for a half hour before school.  It was rough.  She didn't click with the teacher, and wasn't responding to directions.  The teacher would then reward the entire rest of the group with cookies and would skip her.  Then she'd go to her regular class in a total funk.  I got very little communication from her, except a little post-it note, sent home with Eliza saying that she was pretending not to know her numbers.  Eliza was mad and embarrassed, knowing the note was a "bad note".  Yikes.  It just wasn't working.  I called a meeting with her teacher, the resource teacher and her speech teacher.  We came up with a plan (without pointing fingers or being confrontational) that would put her on a monitor and see how she did without resource services.  I'm so grateful she was able to do okay without them, even perhaps do a little better, feeling a boost of confidence that she didn't need to go to Little Class anymore.
Beautiful handwriting:  Her Thankful Turkey feathers included
"School, grilled cheese, Amy, Christmas, Pretend, Chickens".  

One of the Friday centers was Face Painting like the Native Americans,
and she took it upon herself to do a version at home...with Sharpies!
We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our home.  We were going to have it at Mom and Dad's, but Dad wasn't feeling well.  I am so glad that we were able to be so close that we could relocate the entire thing to our home in a matter of hours!
The kids helped get all the tables set and were delighted to have
the cousins come spend the day!  I'm grateful they are all good friends. 

Andy and cute Easton

I love these people!

Ryan made the turkey, Catherine did the rolls, Jill made a bunch of sides.  It was so wonderful to see everyone pitch in and help make it a great day.  The boys piled up plates and took them over to sit with Dad and gave Mom a break to eat with us. I love how selfless and flexible they all are.  I'm thankful for family.  

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