Friday, June 5, 2015

We Have a Guest Room!

By far one of the best things about moving closer to family is that you are CLOSER to family!  Friends passing through, family visiting Grandma and Grandpa, a quick weekend away...we had LOTS of visitors this summer, which was so fun!  I think we saw more family in the month of July than we had seen in any of our two-week trips!  Diddles always says to family (and even strangers), "I wish you could come stay at our house!  We have a guest room!"  This is especially funny because she has taken said guest room over as her second bedroom.  "I get scared in the night..."  If you come visit, you can keep Diddles company, how about that?  :)
Baby R finally warmed up to us!

Little D, we love her so!

Cooling off after working hard on Grandma and Grandpa's stream!

Showing M how to feed the chickens...

Second Cousin "E" spent some afternoons with us while his mama was sick

At the Cache Valley Cruise-In with Papa

A morning run with sister Abby
Johnson Cousins!

Pullman friends stopping by on their way home!

Babbitts visit from NC.

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