Friday, June 26, 2015

Grandma's Tea Party

It all started with a tea set.  Mom spotted some cups and saucers - all matching - at a consignment store in town during the winter.  She thought they would be fun for the little girls to maybe have a little tea party together when the come to visit Grandma's.  Then she suggested the idea of hosting a backyard tea party around the time of her birthday!  Perfect.  We'd send out invitations, and dress up, etc.  We got planning right away.  It was challenging enough to find a date where most would be in town, but we managed to find a date when Marie and Emily would both be there!

Boo helped me design the invites.  I think they turned out great - we already had springy floral scrapbook paper from another project, so the envelopes were the only expense!  It was so fun for all the little girls to have something to look forward to at the conclusion of school.  I know ours was excitedly stuck to our fridge, and marked on the calendar!

"Wear your prettiest dress, and your hair straight or in curls.
We're having a tea party just for the girls!"  
Mom found these perfect floppy sun hats on sale at a local store, and bought enough for everyone to have one.  Some of the girls decorated them with ribbons and flowers.  Boo has hers hanging proudly in her bedroom.

It was a really warm spring, so we decided it would be best to have a nice cool menu of fruit, flavored water (tea) and Glaus' petit fours, of course.  What's a tea party w/o cake?  Tim was kind to come early and help with cutting fruit and setting up tables.  Dad ordered a special bow tie for the occasion, but it failed to arrive on time.  We still think he looked great!  He greeted everyone at the door, and directed them to the backyard.

The tables were decorated with cloths and napkins with candy bracelet rings.  The girls all helped gather flowers for the vases, and set the tables with cups and saucers.  The "getting ready" for the event was almost more fun than the event itself!

We had a great time sipping "tea", eating off of fancy plates and holding our pinkies out.  Everyone looked beautiful in their garden party finest.  It was a lovely afternoon!

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