Monday, June 1, 2015

"Fund" Run for Michael

When we moved into our "blue house" in Pullman, we didn't know that a member of our church congregation was living right next door!  Michael Rhodes lived there with his parents, and we didn't meet him officially until he started coming back to church, after a long absence.  Michael has cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure.  He needed funds to have a procedure done in Salt Lake City.  We could only give so much, but Josh had a great idea - to host a Fund Run for our community in Michael's behalf!  It felt like a big undertaking during a really busy time in our lives.  We were packing and cleaning and getting ready to move, but Josh felt really impressed that this was something that we could and SHOULD do.  It would be our last HOO-RAH, of sorts.  Our last big event that we would put together for our wonderful ward family and community.

We had so many people come forward, wanting to help with donations of time and resources.  We planned to have a big breakfast following the run.  Community members stepped forward, donating food and drinks for the breakfast.  One of Josh's co-workers, Cathy, used to run a Bed and Breakfast, and insisted on making some breakfast casseroles.  They were delicious, and we had so much food, thanks to her contributions!  It was going to be very family-friendly with 2K, 5K and 10K distances.  Josh was an expert in every detail of a race, and it seemed almost effortless for him with his background in both marketing as well as competing in races!

Pullman, Washington resident Michael Rhodes has a big heart, but this heart is not expected to last much longer. Michael has cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure. He has two medical treatment options, but they are expensive and outside his reach financially. He has also been losing weight (50 pounds in just two months) to qualify for a heart transplant, an expensive treatment in its own right.

Join us on May 23, 2015 for a Fund Run/Walk, expressing gratitude for our own physical health, showing support for Michael, and helping raise money for his heart treatment.

2K 5k and 10k routes (loops)
Start and end at the Pullman Aquatic Center
Post event breakfast at the PAC Pavilion

Financial gifts can be made at the event or online at

The morning of the run ran like a well-oiled machine!  Josh had the routes well-marked with red balloons, and we started right on time.  The weather was perfect, and it was early enough that people could still have their Saturday free to spend as they wished.  

We had a GREAT turnout, and a wonderful showing by the youth, who really added their enthusiasm and friendly competition to the event.  We offered Cougar Gold Cheese Wheels to the winners, and brought along Maggie for the kids to visit.  Lots of families came with kids off all ages, and we had a impressive showing by our ward, which was no surprise, but was still heart-warming to see.  We raised a substantial amount of money, and we walked away from the morning feeling really grateful and humbled to be able to serve and use our talents in such a way.  They served us so well and faithfully, it was truly a pay-it-forward experience.  I'm so glad we did it!  

Josh cheering on the finishers!

Our good friends and supporters - the Foryans!

Free puppy pets from Maggie

Asha and her friend are often mistaken for twins.  

I love these teens!  Aren't they awesome?

We decided Ben needed a cheese wheel for coming in as the fastest youngest person in his race!
He's speedy!

These two tied for first in the 5K !

First Place Finisher in the 10K - Cougar "Gold" cheese wheel for a medal!

Finishers coming up the hill to get some breakfast!

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