Saturday, March 15, 2014

Yaks' Baptism Day

A special day for two handsome boys!

My greatest desire for Yaks' Baptism day was for (Yaks especially, but) everyone who came, be it investigators, friends, family, or neighbors to feel The Spirit.  I hoped and prayed and planned for this to be a special day.  We've been working as a family for months to help Yaks prepare for his Baptism.  He's such a sweet, good boy. I know he grasps and understands- as much as any eight-year old can - the covenant he made today at his baptism.

We had the details of today planned, and tried really hard to plan as much ahead as we could, so we could have a stress-free, day that we could just enjoy.  Thanks to lots of helpful friends, the details of the music, conducting, filling the font, and setting up chairs was all taken care of.  

We were so happy to have Nana, Papa and Great Grandma Quilter join us for the occasion.  They flew in on Friday, and were with us until Sunday morning.  I didn't capture nearly as many pictures as I should have of time with them, but we all really enjoyed the company!  Papa gave Yaks his 50-year-old chess set as a birthday present. We're hoping to take really good care of it, so it can last 50 more years.  He's enjoyed many games played on it since then.  Thanks, Papa!  It was particularly special having them visit, as Yaks was named after Grandma Quilter's Grandfather. She's always felt a special connection to Yaks, and it was so nice for her to be with us!

We think Josh is the spitting image of his Great-Grandfather (on the left).
Don't you think so?

We had a small group with us, but they were all special friends or Primary classmates of Yaks.  He took Bishop's challenge and invited his friend P, but their family went out of town for WSU's Spring Break. I was proud of him for wanting to share the occasion with his friend!  

We personalized the program, thanks to this link I found on Pinterest!  Josh took some wonderful baptism photos of Yaks the weekend before, so we could have some nice images to display and keep.  

Program Cover front/back

We tried to include the whole family on the program.  Boo had wanted to play a musical number, and she did a great job performing "When I am Baptized" on the piano.  Great Grandma said the opening prayer, and I said the closing prayer.  Stewart and Annette were so kind to give the talks!  They did a great job.  I loved the remarks they made, and the stories they shared!  Stewart called my Dad and added in a story from our family history of how Grandma gained her testimony of the Gospel.  It was such a sweet surprise!  Josh, of course baptized and confirmed Yaks, which is always so special to have your husband able to exercise his priesthood to bless your children.  His confirmation was so tender.  We even included Diddles with a little picture of her picture of Jesus "giving you a hug".  So sweet!  

Inside the program

Two of my YW helped with the music (and with Diddles), and our home teacher, Matt Galloway conducted the meeting.  The Primary President got the font filled, cleaned the room and set up chairs.  It was a really special meeting!  

Yaks was very attentive and reverent, and I loved that he was quick to answer even the "hypothetical" questions in the talks!  It was cute.  He even raised his hand.  

One detail I really liked was this video Josh helped me create.  I love the LDS Bible Story video of Jesus being baptized, but I also loved this music by Paul Cardall of the song "Baptism".  Josh worked his tech magic and combined the two into a special video we watched following his baptism while they were getting dressed.  We showed the little slideshow video after the closing prayer (music also by Paul Cardall), while ate and visited.  

After the meeting, we had some little powdered sugar donuts in bags with this "It's great to be 8" tag attached.  I thought it was such a cute idea, and for the kid who doesn't love cake or cookies, it was a perfect alternative.  Kids really enjoyed them.  We added some platters of pineapple and strawberries, which were ripe and delicious.  Such a nice little treat following a sweet experience.  I forgot to snap a picture of that table, but I was excited to get to use a springy-green tablecloth I found at DI that was the exact CTR shade of green!  
This image is from the lady's blog who had the original idea.
Aren't those donut 8's cute? Thanks for helping me stuff the bags, Annette!  

Imagine that pitcher filled with daisies, okay?  Kind of forgot that (unimportant) detail.
I do love how the photos turned out, though!  

My parents weren't able to be here, traveling is hard with Dad's health.  We all completely understood, but I found myself missing my family throughout the day.  I was so happy Mom sent this special letter that Yaks could read, along with her testimony.  I could feel her love in that letter, and it felt just as much for me, as it was for Yaks.  She called the Holy Ghost "a very special fragile friend".  I love that!  I remember my Grandma Hale would always say when she was at a mission farewell, baptism or a temple marriage, "Oh, this would make my mother so happy (referring to her mother who had passed away)!"  Several times during the Baptism, I felt FAMILY present, who were not physically present.  During the opening song, I felt the words, "Your family is present today," and I immediately felt joy and peace and knowledge that yes, they were.  I'm grateful for my "special fragile friend".  I know that Grandparents and great-grandparents were PRESENT at that baptism, and that they too were happy to witness it.  

It was a beautiful day!  One of those wonderful, memorable days where I'd love to bottle up the feeling and keep it forever.  I'm so grateful for the Priesthood, for Heavenly Father's Plan, for the  Holy Ghost, and for families.


Sarah said...

So many great details of the day. What a great kid! Love his smile. Glad it was peaceful.

Catherine said...

Thanks for sharing the special day with us!! I'm excited to share this with Owen when he gets home today. We have been eagerly preparing for his baptism and I love the spirit we all feel simply from our preparation. Another testimony of the truthfulness of this ordinance! I love the video and the doughnut favor!! maybe we could borrow some of your great ideas? Owen's big day will be the first saturday in July just fyi :)