Thursday, March 13, 2014

Feeling Good - A Spring Musical

Boo and Yaks performed a couple weeks ago in their Spring Musical, "Feeling Good".  The songs and narration  were all about healthy eating, exercise, etc.  We've been hearing off-key versions of the songs for months at the dinner table, so it was fun to finally hear how they really sounded with accompaniment and more voices!  We had horrible seats, and these were the best photos I could manage with Diddles on my lap!

We've had a special visitor with us for the week.  Our cousin B sent us Flat Stanley for her school project.  We had a great time taking him around with us to our various outings.  The kids were especially excited about it, since they each did a "Mailing May"when they were in Kindergarten!  It was fun to be on the other side.

Boo had a speaking part, and she did a great job!  Josh made it from work just in time.

I always love these musicals.  It's crowded, hot, stuffy, and Diddles is always a handful, but I think they are so awesome!  I'm always amazed what a great teacher can do with dozens of kids!  An impressive feat, indeed!

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