Friday, March 21, 2014

He's a Cub Scout

The same night as the musical, we had a Pack Meeting, where Yaks has been working with Dad on passing off some requirements.  He's so excited to finally be a Scout, and really enjoys the things he's learning!  

He was awarded his Bobcat Badge.  I got a lovely Mother's pin.  :)  
I was wearing Scout colors!  Not even planned!  

Always wear a cardigan when receiving a mother's pin!
Makes things a whole lot safer in the pinning!  
This past week was his first "official" Den Meeting.  We got the patches sewn onto his uniform just in time!  The cute kid wore his uniform to school, he was so proud of it.  They made kites and talked about collections.  Josh was able to take some time off early from work to help out.  He was pretty excited!  

Looking forward to lots of fun years of Scouting.

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Sarah said...

Fun to see him so excited about it!