Sunday, March 23, 2014


This is her newest face.  It's whipped out when she doesn't get her way, or when something is frustrating, or when she needs to really EXPRESS how she feels.  "Dis is my ANGWY face, Mom."

It's the wrinkle on her nose that kills me!  I have to resist the urge to kiss her right between the eyes, every time she makes the horrid face!  We usually laugh, or tickle her, or clap our hands like we're breaking a spell and say, "Show me a happy face riiiiiight....NOW!"  She usually does.  :)

That's more like it, little lady.

Look at this cute face, making her letters.  I love the E and the Q.

Saturday the girls and I went to the Bug Fair, put on by the Entomology Department at WSU.  We went several years ago, but hadn't made a return trip!

 This lady does amazing face painting, and although it was a BUG FAIR, she happily paints whatever the kid wants.  Diddles had her heart set on a BLACK cat, like "Mimo" (Milo)

It turned out really cute!  She was crawling around the floor after that - meowing.  haha.  Good times!  

Nothing like cat faces at the bug fair!


Sarah said...

Minus her middle wrinkle, I am pretty sure that was the face Ty was shooting to me across the primary room today...for the entire time!

Bug fair sounds pretty fun for them. Impressive painting!

Liz said...

I love her letters!