Monday, March 10, 2014

An "AWESOME" Birthday for Yaks

We celebrated Yaks' birthday a day early, because exciting is a Sabbath Day birthday?  Boo helped me get the decorations ready, and added the special touches as only Boo can.  :)

Don't you love it?  "Happy Birthday, to the you I know."  

All of Yaks' favorite
For breakfast we had bacon and cinnamon rolls and fruit.  Getting this kid to eat breakfast is always a chore, but BACON and CINNAMON ROLLS?  Yes, breakfast was had.

Simple, practical presents this year:  scriptures from Grandma and Grandpa, Scout stuff and new church clothes from the family.  He was actually pretty excited about the church clothes! 

Yaks said he didn't really want a friend party, although it was his year for one.  He said he'd rather just do something with the family.  He decided he wanted to see the new The Lego Movie.  We got there nice and early, got a HUGE popcorn, and we all really enjoyed it.  Fun show!  We were singing the song, "Everything is Awesome" for the rest of the weekend.

The requested dinner was ravioli, corn, rolls and salad. Boo made cupcakes "for those people who might want some" (herself), but Yaks had a HUGE Root Beer float, for our boy who doesn't like cake. :) 

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