Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Did I really forget to post about Thanksgiving?  I guess I did!  Well, better late than never.

We got to have our good friend Debbie over for our meal.  We love her so much!  It was nice to have some company over, otherwise it's a WHOLE LOT OF WORK for just our small family.  I feel like Thanksgiving just feels like another meal without company.

Debbie brought a side dish and dessert.  I surveyed the family to make sure we had at least one favorite for everyone.  Our kids don't really eat many of our favorites (Jello, green bean casserole, etc) so I tried to keep it pretty basic.  Even sticking to just that, it was a TON of food:  Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, apple almond spinach salad, pretzel jello, rolls, broccoli salad, veggie tray, Marinelli's, pumpkin pie, ice cream.

Debbie was so kind and brought the kids each a Christmas present, since we'll miss her for Christmas.  The kids were SO excited to get to open something!  I didn't get a picture, but thank you, Debbie!
Our turkey - even with a meat thermometer, it still seemed overcooked.  (sigh)

Our Thanksgiving table
 The kids were out of school the entire week, and they spent it earning money for some gifts from our Ward Giving Tree.  One of Boo's jobs was to iron the napkins and tablecloth.  She was pretty excited to learn how to iron, and that's how I first learned (ironing tablecloths and napkins).  She did a great job!
Thankful for our family this year!

Later that night, we ate leftovers and watched the movie PLANES.  Friday we went out shopping for our Giving Tree gifts and got out our Christmas decorations!  Fun holiday times!  

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