Monday, December 2, 2013

The First Gift of Christmas!

Last evening, we discovered Buddy the Scripture Elf, waiting on our doorstep with his welcome letter!  The kids excitedly read the letter, outlining the rules and expectations.  This year he'll be bringing either a scripture to read, or a Bible Video to watch!  I was relieved to learn that Buddy won't be joining us on our road trip to Utah.  Too many hotels/houses to find in his travels.  Good decision, Buddy!

His first hiding place this morning!  He fixed the shorted-out lights!  

After reading the letter, Josh had the kids watch this video, and then presented the kids with their first Christmas gift.  The kids were wondering if it was a toy or a game, but as he went to the other room to get their presents, I said, "I'll give you one clue.  It's not a toy."  They looked a little deflated, but I was happy at their reaction to their gifts of beautiful canvas prints of Christ for their bedrooms.  Isn't that a wonderful gift?  Josh thought of it, and I just love the idea.  He took careful time to select a perfect Greg Olsen painting for each child.  They are each as unique as each one!  We hope they can look at them as they hang on their bedroom wall, and think of Christ always.

In the World, Not of the World
"In the World, Not of the World"

Worlds Without End
"Worlds Without End"

"Joy of the Lord"
"Dats MY Jesus.  Jesus is my fwend."


Marie' said...

What a beautiful gift, Amy! I love how you gave it to them at the beginning of the month so they can be reminded of the reason. You two are such wonderful parents.

Sarah said...

Love that you switch him to delivering scriptures. All the other messes people post of their naughty elves irritate me....but anyways.
Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL! What a perfect present for each. I have grand plans to invest in a big picture of the Savior for Matt (for the family wall) but love the idea of getting one for each.
Utah, huh! Mom mentioned she heard that plan. Hope it will be relaxing and enjoyable as you make visits. Know that you're welcome to pitstop here...but no pressure.