Monday, December 9, 2013

Hustling and Bustling

I think everyone likes to schedule their holiday festivities early in the month, so families have time to be together.  What ends up happening (it seems), is ALL the holiday events are that first week of December!  It made for a busier-than-usual week last week!

Josh finished up his last final of the semester on Tuesday, scoring a 97%.  Nice.  He's free from school until the new year.  Hooray!

Wednesday was mutual for me.  Our ward missionaries put together a wonderful presentation of Lehi's Dream, brought to life.  The youth were so reverent, and the display was so impressive!  Afterwards there was a wonderful assortment of goodies, and we got to meet the new missionaries in our ward.

Can you see the Great and Spacious Building in the background?
White garlands of leaves, white lights, and crepe paper streamers with paper "fruit".

Thursday we had a YW Camp Fundraiser, which included serving at a company Christmas party.  Josh took the kids to the WSU Alumni party, which had treats and a visit from Santa as well as "Butch", the WSU cougar mascot.  They had a great time, and Josh discovered that we have THREE full-blown believers in Santa Claus.  We weren't quite sure if they had passed that window of magic, but they are still in it for at least another year!  

Yaks and "Butch"
The funny story was Butch held his arms open to give Diddles a hug.  She said "no", and he did a facepalm and then pretended to cry.  The kids thought it was a riot!

She's wishing for a "dollhouse" from Santa.
We had no idea she was wishing for anything in particular!

Whispering secrets!

Friday was our ward Christmas party.  Delicious pot-luck soups and rolls, with some musical numbers by the primary and youth.  It was really fun and low-key, which I liked!

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Trish and Matt said...

So happy you get another year of magic! Claire cornered me on the topic last year and it was so sad. I honestly thought the conversation was more traumatic for her than the birds and bees talk!