Monday, December 9, 2013


This girl just runs on a different schedule.  Our older kids have always gone to bed promptly at 7:30pm  and are asleep within minutes, waking the next morning at 7pm.  This one has not gone to bed before 9pm in weeks!

Her classic stall tactics are:
"I need some toast with butter."
"I'm a widdow bit cared (scared)."
"There's carry monsters in my room!"
"Do you need a friend?  I will sleep with you!"
"I just play with my toys in my room."
"Just read it." (handing you a story)

Last night Josh and I were chatting about stuff, and she was quietly going about playing dress-up.  That's probably the #1 reason I don't press the issue.  She's happy and QUIET, so I let her stay up!  Anyway, she put on this pink t-shirt of mine, meticulously found and twisted a pink scarf around her shoulder, added Dad's felt hat, then topped off the outfit with a pair of black pumps!

I know our room is cluttered and a mess in these photos, but Josh said, "Oh, I'll take your picture!"  Then she proceeded to strike this series of hilarious poses, one by one, and each funnier than the last!  I was dying of laughter.  The last one is the best, "One, plus one, is TWO."

She's hilarious.

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Trish and Matt said...

So much personality! She's a doll.