Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Young Women in Excellence

Sunday was a busy day, with our Stake Young Women in Excellence night for the Young Women of our church.  Our theme this year was "Stand Ye in Holy Places", and for the first time, the stake put on an evening instead of us doing it in individual wards.  We LOVED it!  It was so much easier to plan, and to prepare, and everything was so lovely and well-done.

The decorations were all black and white themed.  It looked so elegant!  We were all asked to wear white shirts to the event.  The cultural hall was walled off with these black curtains, and it was a wonderful backdrop with the white and the crystal!  

The refreshments were delicious creampuffs, cookies and truffles, all black and white.  SO YUMMY!

Each ward had a display table to show something they had worked on this year for personal progress.  I think we have the largest Young Womens' group in the stake with 25 girls.  It was so fun to see their hard work displayed!

Dresses for Trek


 We've got such great Young Women.  It's such a busy calling to be in, but the girls are such a great bunch, that even though it's busy, it's really a pleasure to serve them.

The Porter girls :)

An (almost) Beehive, Mia Maid, and a Laurel!

This is about half of my Beehive class!  Aren't they  beautiful?

Another Beehive, Mia Maid and Laurel.  I was gave up trying to get them ALL together for a group shot.
There were too many people there!  

Krysten is our lone Senior this year (on the left), and Melody.  

Each girl got a white rose to take home, or put in your teeth.  Whatever!

Finally, this is my wonderful, talented, amazing and fun YW presidency with whom I get to work!  They've become dear friends, and we truly just enjoy being together!  A section of my patriarchal blessing reminds me of these dear ladies:

"In church service you will understand the difference between acquaintances and associates and friendships.  Wisdom will be given to realize that friendships are based upon eternal principles.  These eternal principles will bless your life.  Friendships are based upon the love and respect developed for one another.  Friendship is founded upon the gift of agency and the gift to recognize the blessings of differences.  You will comprehend the influence of others and gain wisdom from their perspective about situations, problems, and responsibilities."   

Isn't that wonderful?

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