Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sister Support

My sister Cath inspired me this morning to start writing down the little things that happen in life.  So often we have these little moments, conversations or interactions.  I always think I'll remember them for later, or that I'll add them into a more "substantial" post that's perfectly polished with a fitting photo that beautifully captures that event.  Well, life doesn't always work that way, so I'm going to start today to document those moments a little better, or at least to try.

It has been snowing on and off the past few days, and I'm grateful Josh got everyone coats and winter-wear early.  Thanks, Josh!!  Kids are growing like weeds!  Yaks got this great down-filled coat that is a bright blue with red on the inside.  He likes it, and it's super warm and light-weight.  After a couple days of wearing it, I noticed he would wear it to school with his gray jacket underneath it.  I asked him about it, and he said that some of his friends were making fun of his coat, saying he looked like "a blueberry marshmallow".  Now, I'm not sure if the kids said it once and he was still re-telling it, or if this was a continuous problem.  Not sure if Yaks had laughed about it, and therefore encouraged his friends to continue.  I never can quite tell.  Who knows?

Well, this morning he had on his "coat layers" and I asked him about the coat(s) again.   He brought up that friends at school made fun of him about his coat, and his big teeth, and his haircut, etc.  He was getting pretty worked-up and upset about it.  Boo was in the room quietly listening, and as I was trying to come up with a way to address this situation, she chimed in:

"Yaks...You've got to be ASSERTIVE.  (I kid you not, she said "assertive".  So awesome!)  You've got to tell them that you don't like it when they say that!  Tell them how it makes you feel, and then tell them to stop it."  I liked her advice, so I kept quiet and let her take charge.  She continued, "You can say it politely, but seriously.  Now, let's practice."  So, we practiced several times, the three of us, doing role plays of different mean things kids might say.  I'd be the "friend", and she was the coach, helping him remember what came next.  I could see his confidence growing with each run-through.  Then, when the practice satisfied her, she said, "And if they keep giving you trouble, then you come get ME."  haha!  So awesome.

I guess when push comes to shove, they really do love each other.  Nice to see the older looking out for the younger, and Yaks following Boo's lead much more willingly when given by her than coming from me!


Sarah said...

Sweet that she'll stand up for him, but is also taking the time to teach him to do it for himself!

Sally said...


Sally said...

fyi: I think your posts are wonderfully written and very substantial.

Marie' said...

This speaks wonders about the example you have shown to your children of kindness and being helpful. You mentioned this is a little thing you are writing down, but to a mom this is HUGE. This is the kind of thing that warms my heart and makes me thankful for the opportunity to be a mom.