Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hokey Pokey and Horses

Diddles is learning so many fun things at school!  She seems to especially grasp onto the songs they learn.  This week was the Hokey Pokey.  We can often hear her singing to herself in her room as she's going to sleep, or in the middle of the night - why not!?  As always, she likes to sing it by herself.  No audience participation with this girl.  She's a one-man show!

With her processing delay, the actions combined with singing can sometimes be challenging.  It takes her a bit of time time to match up "arm" with "in" or "out", and then the corresponding action.  So songs with actions are great practice for her, and so sweet to hear her sing it over and over again until she feels like she's mastered it.

Speaking of Diddles, Josh came home last night with an unexpected surprise!  A colleague of his at work (Janet) boards horses in our neighboring town of Albion.  She invited us over to see her horses!  Diddles was dancing with joy.  She absolutely LOVES horses!  Her favorite show is My Little Pony, and her favorite "pretend" game involves galloping around the house, running away from "monsters"!

Janet introduced us to her beautiful horses, and told us all about them.  She had the kind of barn like in Seabiscuit with the individual stalls with burned wood signs on each door with the name and owner's name.  Sweet smells of fresh hay and sawdust.  Each of the kids got to feed a biscuit treat to the horses. After they got over their initial terror of having their fingers chomped off by the horse, they had a great time!  It was late, so we couldn't ride them around, but it was sure fun to see them, and priceless to see Diddles' reaction.  Sheer joy!

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