Thursday, October 3, 2013

Snapshot September

The remains of September was a hodge-podge of dozens of busy things, but nothing that really stood as a single blog-worthy post (other than Boo's birthday - see below this post).  
So, here are our snapshots of September:

The last of our garden blooms

Josh raced the Palouse Sprint Tri and placed 1st in his age group, third overall
The girls and I went to the fair.  It's a pretty small fair.  When I walk around, I remember summers at the Great NY State Fair, and how you'd spend all day there, and still not see everything.  
We spent 30 minutes there and saw everything!

I love this chicken's "hairdo"

-Soft bunnies-

-Considering one another-

Did you know that my church calling is in YW's?  I work with the Beehives (12-13 yr-olds).  There are a lot of them!  Currently we have 11 Beehives and we get three more before the end of the year, losing only two!  In 2014 we get eight more!  Needless to say, it's a busy calling with teaching and planning activities, not to mention supporting the girls and knowing them as well as their needs.  They are a great group, though!  I sure love them a lot.  
A gaggle of girls at the "Cupcake Wars" combined activity
 I like to try to go to support our YW when they have a game or performance, at least once.  My kids enjoy tagging along, so it's fun for all of us.

Watching Amelia play soccer.  It was SO cold and windy!
I don't know how they play in shorts!
Courtni (blonde) is captain of her team!  
Pullman girls' swim team!
Krysten, front middle with the injured shoulder is also one of our YW.

Yaks' teacher emailed me and asked if I would be willing to help her do a classroom banner for back-to-school night.  I was happy to help, but she really just wanted me to do the whole thing!  Trying to capture someone else's "vision" of their classroom was a challenge.  I really wanted to "please the teacher" and make it something that the kids were proud to point out on back-to-school night.  She was so laid back about the whole thing.  It was nice to work with her.  

Their classroom  "theme" is "The Brain Garden".  Their class has a lot of growing things in it:  plants, animals, and they are also learning a lot and growing their "brains".  Get it?  I kept picturing a Dali painting with melting brains scattered around the paper, and wondered how to implement the brain concept without being gruesome.  Fortunately, my friend Rhonda was willing to help, and we put our heads together and came up with (what I think) was a great poster.  On one side the kids each created a plant of their choice.  I snapped photos of each child and we put their faces inside of their plant.  On the other side we used the descriptive words of their classroom and used the kids' leftover origami flowers coming out of a potted brain!  hahah.  I guess it is still pretty gruesome, but I think it turned out okay, and the kids were really involved and proud of their contributions.  

Finally, Josh and Yaks got to go on a boys' date to see the WSU vs. U of I Homecoming game.  They enjoyed hot dogs and nachos and all the yummy "game" food.  Yaks lasted the first half, but was fading, so I drove over and picked him up, and Josh walked home afterwards.  So nice that our stadium is minutes away from our house!  

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