Monday, October 7, 2013

Birthday Weekend

I had a lovely Birthday/Conference weekend!  I hope yours was lovely, too.  We had perfect weather - sunny and 60's.  Just enough crisp to feel like fall, but just enough warmth to only need a jacket.  My birthday fell on Saturday this year.  I took some initiative and picked out some things that I wanted for my birthday:  Some indoor plants, frames for the wall, some place mats, and a new pair of casual boots!  The kids made the morning so special by tip-toeing around and letting me sleep until 8:00am!  BLISS!  Then they honored my wishes that lieu of decorations (= mess), I'd love to just have a nice clean house all day.  They obliged.  It was magical.

Yaks had a soccer game, and Boo had swim practice in the morning.  I listened to conference while watching Boo swim.  Afterwards, Boo and I went on a much-anticipated date to the store to buy a training bra (for her, not for me).  Yes, it's THAT time, I can't believe it!  After her well-check at the pediatrician, and my expressed worry that Boo had a tumor, turns out she's just developing.  Duh, Amy.  The doctor agreed that a little "support" might help with the discomfort and sensitivity she's been experiencing.  She got to pick and try on a pack of trainers, and proudly brought them home in her little bag.  She's excited to be growing up!  We also got a cheesecake and I noticed that they had all their house plants 50% off of what they were earlier in the week, so you'll notice the forest in the back seat!

Mommy/Daughter Date

I can't believe we're entering these waters already!  A nice book we were recommended and checked out from the library was "The Care and Keeping of You" (American Girl).  Tasteful illustrations, explanations and lots of fun and interesting information for the TWEEN girl.  Covers development, menstruation, general hygiene, etc.  We read a chapter each night and had a good Q&A on the subjects.  Boo felt really special having the "girl" time.
Following our shopping, we loaded up in the car and went to WSU's Apple Orchard, where they had a Fall Harvest celebration.  We wandered around the pumpkin patch (we didn't buy any, thinking $.75/lb was a little steep for a pumpkin), and picked a small bag of apples to taste.  

Venturing into the orchards

Boo read this sign (GUESS THE COMBINED WEIGHT)  then said (in all seriousness),
"This calls for some estimating and rounding!"
Those college kids at the table got a kick out of it.

Yaks in the pumpkin patch 2007 - I love this photo!

Yaks in the pumpkin patch 2013

Josh finished his schoolwork for the day, and then took the kids to the pool, which they loved.  I fixed a simple dinner for the kids, and Josh and I ordered some take-out, and had a little date at home.  My dear friend Marie and her daughter (my new Beehive, who also shares my birthday) came over with some sweet cards and a gift.  Lots of wonderful messages, texts and phone calls.  Birthdays sure are a great way to help one feel loved!  Thanks, friends!

Sunday we had cinnamon rolls and lots of yummy treats and snacks while enjoying conference and watching for our sister-in-law Catherine to appear on the screen with the Tabernacle Choir.  I didn't catch every talk, but I'm so grateful I can go back and listen and study the messages.  You can too!

P.S.  Our family photo shoot was featured on Mari's blog.  Check it out!  

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Sarah said...

Glad you took the initative. NO way is she *that* old! :)