Thursday, October 3, 2013

Boo's Cupcake Party

Oh, this post is so late!  Here we go...

Boo's Nine!  She's grown up a lot this year.  She LOOKS older, don't you think?

It was Boo's year for a friend party, but on the day it was planned, the handful of friends invited were either sick, out of town, or had a prior commitment.  It turned out perfectly though, that her favorite friend L was able to come, and it ended up being a glorified playdate, which the girls really enjoyed!

I baked cupcakes and we had these oodles of sprinkles from a pack I bought on clearance at Michael's. Goody bags, streamers and polka-dot balloons rounded out the decorations.  The girls ate pizza, decorated cupcakes, painted fingernails and worked on some crafts.  I stayed out of the way and just let them do their thing.  No games, no tight schedule.  It was just right.

L is the youngest in her family, so she didn't even mind having Diddles tag along, and even made her feel special by painting her toenails!  I was grateful for her willingness, as Boo wasn't too thrilled with the idea of little sister around.

Hooray for being nine!


Sally said...

She looks SO much more mature! Beautiful! Glad she is growing up so nicely.

Trish and Matt said...

She is so beautiful! We're not quite ready for the training bras yet, but we have been reading that same book together! I actually really enjoy it. I'm about two months behind on the blog, so give me a couple weeks and I should finally get a chance to blog about jane's bday buddy and her big day!