Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Heading for Halloween!

Lots of excitement leading up to Halloween!  It's such a fun holiday.  We had our ward trunk-or-treat on Friday with a chili dinner afterwards.  Yaks and Boo invited their friends, P and M to come.  I think they had a fun time!  I didn't get any pictures of the rest of the family's costumes, and I only remembered to snap some selfies after we had gone home!   
Another friend from school came with a family in the ward.  She's also on Yaks' soccer team!

P in his "Dark Sailor" costume.  Yaks is in the back in his black widow spider costume.
 This year I went as Mary Poppins.  Realizing I had every item to put together the costume except for the hat and some trimmings, I knew it would be an easy one to create!  I found the child's straw hat at Goodwill, and bought a yard of lace, ribbon and flowers for a few bucks.  I spray-painted the hat black, and glue-gunned the flowers on it.  One of my easiest costumes ever!  

Friday morning was Yaks' last soccer game!  With my creativity sparked by the Halloween costumes, I thought it would be fun to do a poster, so I stayed up late Friday night making a little "Thunder Pickles" poster to cheer them on.  What a name...Thunder Pickles!  So funny.  

Awesome coaches and such a sweet team!  Yaks had a fun time with them.
 Later that day, P and M had us over for a fall frolic in the leaves and in the woods behind their house.  The kids had a great time having a leaf fight, and wandering in the woods finding pinecones, huge leaves and other treasures.  They served cake donuts and apple cider, and I learned that Rhonda grew up in upstate New York!  It was perfect weather, and we it was nice to enjoy the sunshine.  My allergies made me pay later, but it was a great day!

Sunday we had Stake Conference.  The entire stake was all together in our stake center, which is unusual.  Josh scored us some great seats on the stage with a lot of leg-room to let the kids spread out.  After that long meeting, we treated ourselves to some pumpkin carving.

Diddles very meticulously cleaned out her pumpkin of every. single. little. seed.  It was quite impressive!  She did it all by herself, too.  

Can we talk about this shirt for a moment?  I know it's hard to miss.  It was an old DI when I dressed up as a "tourist" for Halloween years ago.  It's 100% silk, and Yaks discovered it and LOVES to wear it.  He's always loved soft things.  Rubbing baby's skin, fuzzy blankets, and now the feel of this shirt.  He looks like such a goof-ball, but he doesn't even care!  I told him he can wear it around the house, but by NO means can he even go to the mailbox wearing it!  
Hawaii Five-O
As a joke, Josh changed into his Hawaiian shirt to see if Yaks would notice.  
Funny moment when he realized it.  

I'll post some photos of costumes tomorrow!  

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