Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Last month, we got a note home from the school explaining a new program to encourage positive behavior called the "Self Manager" program.  Students are expected to display the core school values of "respect, responsibility, and being safe".  This includes completing work on time, being prepared, making good choices, etc.  Students "apply" for the program and were required to demonstrate 10 consecutive school days of positive behavior.  They had to get signatures from their teacher, each specialist, as well as the lunch and recess duty!

Recipients of the "Self Manager" are presented with a certificate and given a silicon wrist band to wear, (color-coded for each grade level) which shows an adult teacher at-a-glance that the student is a self-manager and can be trusted as such.  :)

Oh, man, oh, man, were my kids on board!  It's all we've been hearing about - "self-manager" this, "self-manager" that!  "I have to have my art teacher sign off on my self-manager sheet."  "She was NOT acting like a self-manager!" "Only three more days until I get to be a self-manager!" etc.

When asked, "What do you get to do as a self-manager?"  Boo replied,"We get to go get a drink whenever we want, we get to go to lunch and recess early.  We get special privileges.  Teacher know they can trust us when we are wearing their bracelets.  If a teacher notices you NOT being a self-manager, then the bracelet gets taken away, and if you lose your bracelet, you have to start all over again."

It reminds me of a teacher I observed while doing student teaching.  She had what was called the "Inner Sanctum".  Students who were prepared, on-task, respectful, etc. got to join the middle desk clump in the center of the room.  They got to sit with their desks facing each other in "clusters", be first to recess, etc.  You could lose your spot in the Sanctum by being unprepared, not following directions, etc.   Kids who misbehaved, or weren't prepared, had to sit in solo desks on the outside.  I don't remember if she had a name for this or not (Laura tells me they were called "Outer Darkness"!  Haha!).  Geez, those kids were the best-behaved kids I have ever seen!  So, kind or not, it was sure effective.

Boo and Yaks came home today beaming like they'd been inducted into the National Honor Society, waving their certificates and their bracelets.  Big, proud day.  SELF MANAGERS.

Josh had the good idea that they should have a line for parents to sign, stating that they are good "self-managers" at home, too.  His other funny question:  "So, when you you get to start managing OTHERS?"  That might take more than 10 days, I'm afraid.

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