Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Busy, fun day today!  The kids were up early - so excited to go to school.  Fortunately for the teachers, today was a 1/2 day at school.  It's always a nutso day with kids bouncing off the walls!  The kids had a serpentine parade and class parties.  Cupcakes and soda at 9:00am.  You know...  Good, sugar-filled fun!  

I got home too late last night from mutual to braid Boo's wet hair, but I found a blog tutorial that showed how you can get that same crimped look by braiding and then flat-ironing the braid and letting it cool!  Worked like a charm!  
A witch and her two cats at their class party :)

Favorite Teacher costume went to Mrs. Patera and her husband and son as Peter Pan, Smee and Hook!

Favorite Kid costume:  This kid had this detailed leather jacket, buckles, fasteners, and leather pants!
He was an awesome "Once Upon a Time" Captain Hook!  Bonus - he was giving all the younger kids low-fives.  :)
Speaking of dressing up, this little one has had a fun time creating costumes and doing lots of pretend play this week.  

"I a carry woof!"

What big eyes you have!

A witch on her broomstick.  Smart girl to wear goggles!

Now, for our costume picks this year.  Nothing super-special.  Diddles bounced back and forth from last-year's ladybug to Boo's old Tinkerbell costume.  Tinkerbell won out, thanks to her fairy wings.  

I asked her to "act like a fairy" and would always get this cute pose.  

Pixie face
 Yaks wasn't sure what he wanted to be, but we found this fun costume idea on Pinterest that was pretty easy and clever.  Turned out it was quite the math lesson, as we figured out how many legs and eyes a spider had.  He wanted to count his arms and legs as "legs", so we bought a couple pairs of tights, and stuffed them with batting, then stitched them closed.

Made him into a black widow with some red felt, and sharpie-colored googly eyes.  I stitched the legs to the back of a black shirt, and used some black ribbon to tie them to his sleeves, so they would lift and lower with his own arms.  It was a really comfortable and no-fuss costume.  He really enjoyed it!

Boo re-used her witch costume from last year, when we couldn't really find anything we liked better to make or buy.  Unfortunately, she left her witch hat at the school, and didn't realize it until the school was locked up for the day!  

She handled it pretty well, with only a few tears, and was just happy she still had her dress.  I was glad we took the time to crimp her hair to make it witch-like!  

Lots of fun!  Happy Halloween!  


We went trick-or-treating in our old neighborhood and stopped in at our old house to see if we could find Milo, the cat.  He wasn't home. :(  Then we met up with our friends, P and M and went trick-or-treating around the old neighborhood.  

"M" (a ghost) and Boo (a witch)

"P" (Dark Sailor, the chicken), and Yaks (Spider)
Diddles lasted a few houses, and then announced that she was done, had plenty of candy, and wanted to go home!  Josh took her home and passed out candy to kids, and then picked us up later when Yaks was thirsty and tired.  On the way home, the glow-stick he had gotten burst open and then he accidentally rubbed his eyes!  He was screaming and panicking that he couldn't see and was worried he would either die or have to go to the hospital!  Poor kid.  A little eye rinse in the sink, followed by a shower solved the problem, but it was sure an exciting ending to the night!  Glad everyone's asleep and in bed!

Shhh, I'm going to go steal some of their candy. :)  


Liz said...

You made that spider costume? I am so impressed! All three kids looked really cute.

Karla Bathrick said...

This kid had this detailed leather jacket, buckles, fasteners, and leather pants!
He was an awesome.
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