Monday, March 18, 2013

Every Day is Earth Day

Last week Boo performed in the 2nd/3rd grade musical.  Every year the kids have a musical.  Can you believe I've never been able to attend?  The first year I was recuperating from my illness.  Second year I had to stay home with an "it's-your-bedtime" Diddles.  This year I was able to go, but it was SO difficult with Diddles there.  Ugh.  She was tired, grumpy, again ready-for-bed.  You can hear her fussing about everything in the background of this video!  Josh took Yaks with him to Scouts.  He was in charge.  He had to be there.  It's just the way it rolls sometimes.

Boo was so excited.  Wanted her hair curled, and had her outfit all laid out that she wanted to wear.  I remember being so excited for things like this too.  It was fun to walk up to school and watch her. 

Can you spot her?  White top, striped dress.  There's our friend Kai in the red.  :)

We heard all of it, and didn't have to leave the room!  We sat with the Campbells, so at least we were surrounded by supportive friends.  I missed the first few seconds of her speaking part, but we were there.  Boo waved and saw us, and that's all that matters, really.  :)  

This clip is really quiet.  It's hard to hear her. 

Take some dramamine before you watch this one!  I could only spot her through this little window of heads, and Diddles was on my lap, but "We can make it happen!" as the song says.  ;)

Every day is earth day.  

Thank goodness concerts with three-year-olds are only once a year!  :)

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