Monday, March 25, 2013

A Fish Tale - 1st Grade Musical

Thursday night we had another school performance.  This time Yaks was performing in the K/1 musical "A Fish Tale".  Josh got to attend this time.  I stayed home with Diddles.  I couldn't imagine doing a repeat of HER performance!  Yikes.

I convinced Yaks to put on a "handsome" shirt, to cover his "well-loved" t-shirt, and we styled his hair a bit, made sure his pants were clean, etc.

I love these photos Josh took of the evening.  Look at that handsome, well-behaved boy!?  To his right is our neighbor, Annika, and to his left is his best bud, Peter.  His teacher, Mrs. Mincks is in the background.  Bless their hearts, I'm sure the LAST thing they want to do is return to school at 7pm and do crowd control for their classes!

 Ms. Stockton does some really fun things with those kids.  I'm so glad they have these opportunities to learn about music.

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Sarah said...

I love elementary school performances! Just as fun as the kids' smiles on stage are the beaming parents in the audience. Definately some good people-watching moments on nights like these!