Monday, March 18, 2013

A Happy "No Duh" Birthday for Yaks

Yaks' birthday fell on a Saturday, so we had the whole day to spend however he wanted.  We had a loose theme of Star Wars, but this being the off year for him for a friend party, it was pretty simple and low-key.  There's not much around her in the way of play places or museums.  The pool was closed, so we didn't get to even do that, but fortunately, the weather outside was absolutely beautiful, so the kids spent most of the day just playing!

We started off the day with a breakfast of Lucky Charms (aka, Marshmallows).  My kids only pick the marshmallows out of the cereal, so it's a once-a-year purchase at best.  Presents were opened, including  Star Wars books and a much wished-for Rancor Monster Star Wars Lego set.  He and Dad worked on that for several hours.

Josh, Yaks and Boo went outside to shoot the bow and arrow, thenYaks and Dad went to Walmart to pick a special toy that he could spend some birthday money on.  Special thanks to the Uncles and Grandma/Grandpa, and Nana/Papa for the generous gifts and cards!  The rest of the day was really spent outside, exploring, "fixing bikes", playing with a classmate/neighbor, etc.  Time flew and all the kids enjoyed being out of the house!  HOORAY!

Boo took great pride and duty in decorating the house with silver and blue balloons, stickers and streamers.  She likes to pay attention to details like that, and I'm happy to let her!

Later that night, we picked up some Little Caesar's pizzas and some A&W root beer for dinner (his request), followed by a DQ Ice Cream cake for our boy who admittedly isn't a fan of cake.  They did a great job there at DQ!  I was really impressed.  I wasn't sure what I was going to get when ordering a cake for a boy who "likes blue, and enjoys all things Star Wars".  They managed this awesome YODA on the top out of gel frosting, and it looked awesome!  Our favorite was hearing Diddles pronounce Yoda "No Duh".

Movie night,  followed by bedtime.  Good times.  Happy Day.  Happy boy!

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Liz said...

Logos...A&W... Our boys would get along great!